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Nag Tibba Trek – A Weekend Trek from Delhi

Written by Rohan Verma

Nag Tibba which roughly translates to Serpents Peak is a scenic trek situated around 330 km from Delhi. At an altitude of 3022 mts or 9915 ft, the summit provides a good view of some 6000+ mts peak . For the proximity of the trail from major cities like New Delhi, Chandigarh and Dehradun it makes it a great weekend trek from Delhi.

The base village of Nagtibba Trek is Pantwari which is around 50 km from Mussoorie in Uttarakhand on the route crossing Kempty Falls and Nainbagh. Total trekking distance from Pantwari to Nagtibba summit is 8 km each side.

You can travel overnight from Delhi and reach Pantwari early in the morning.

Day 1 of the Nag Tibba trek starts from Pantwari village to Nagtibba base camp. The total trekking distance is about 5 kms and takes 4-5 hrs of trekking time after the mandatory stops. The trail is gradual, few initial km of rough rocky terrain but it smoothens as you start climbing higher.

Nag Tibba Base camp is the halt for Day 1 of the trek. If the weather is clear do not miss out on the mesmerizing sunset. It is one of the reasons for Nag Tibba trek being famous. The sky turns from Yellow to Orange and finally the last rays of the sun.

Start your day 2 early.  Have an early breakfast and start for the Nag Tibba summit. After trekking for about 90 minutes you will reach Nag Mandir. Nag Mandir is on the right side of the trail about 400 mts from the trail to the summit.

To reach the Nag Tibba Summit you need to take the trail on the left. The trail is through the forest and starts getting a little steep. From the base to the summit it will take you about 3 hrs of trekking time.

Peaks that are visible from Nag Tibba summit are Swaragrohini, Nanda Devi, Black Peak, Bandarpooch to name a few. On clear weather days, it is just a delight to sit on the summit and adore the majestic peaks.

Nag Tibba is an easy trek and highly recommended for beginners. The trail to the summit is accessible throughout the year and is, therefore, one of the recommended weekend treks from Delhi.

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