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International Travel Post Lockdown-Current Scenario

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The tourism scenario has been toppled over and has been under a total shutdown due to the novel coronavirus and the consequences were massive and hard-hitting to the tourism industry irrespective of being domestic, international, and any other dynamics of branches of tourism.  Here is a chunk of info about what the current scenario for International Travel post lockdown looks like- 

29 April – UNWTO 100% of destinations across the world now have travel restrictions in place out of 217 destinations worldwide.

  • 45% have totally or partially closed their borders for tourists.
  • 30% of destinations have suspended all international flights either totally or partially.
  • 18% are banning the entry for visitors from specific countries of origin or passengers who have transited through specific destinations.
  • 7% are applying different measures, such as quarantine or self-isolation for 14 days and visa measures.

Post COVID-19 entering countries

Here are a few countries in which the gates have started to open to once again welcome tourists into their beautiful countries


  1. Bhutan

The Tourism Council of Bhutan is using this opportunity to make tourism more efficient by making entry procedures easier.Mr. Dhradhul- The director-general of the Tourism Council of Bhutan revealed in a discussion that it is apparent that the country is ready to begin welcoming tourists once the borders are open with other countries.


  1. Indonesia

Indonesia has been one of those beautiful luxurious countries even post covid and due to the miraculously tackling scenario of reduction of the viral infection.

Though the country has allowed tourists to enter and that is with effect from 28 May 2020, it comes with a bunch of restrictions for safety such as presentation of COVID 19 negative certificates and further documentation for the safety.


  1. Thailand

The scenic beauty and culture rich thailand is going to resume its tourist invites tentatively in the month of June. However to tackle the losses faces, it welcomes people who are ready to spend longer and luxurious vacations and henceforth short term trips are a no-no as of now.


  1. Maldives

The great archipelago cluster is all set to open tourism in the Starting of July with a hike in its tourism rates and a mandatory stay of 2 week for anyone who wishes to tour this beauty 


  1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has decided to peek into resuming  a small sector of its destinations to the world from August with some restrictions that include allowing only small groups of tourists to begin with.


  1. Vietnam

Vietnam is invested on domestic tourism as it has seen a significant reduce in the fatal coronavirus and shall open its international markets in the fourth quarter of the year


  1. Bangkok

A boost in the domestic tourism of Bangkok has been taking a push in recent times and the destination is promoting inter-provincial trips between the months of July and October and there’s a huge giveaway of travel vouchers on a first come first serve basis to encourage people to resume travelling.



  1. Turkey 

The myriad country of colorful textiles and goods has opened its gates for tourism and fixed the dates of initiation from the month of July and august and the bookings have already started to skyrocket!


  1. Italy 

 The pinnacle of Western culture and cuisine has battled the novel coronavirus and has managed to tackle it to a great extent and has started to resume tourism in its territory from the 3rd of June.

It is already resuming domestic travel but the international visitors have been limited to a few countries only.


  1. Austria 

The landlocked east-Alpine country resumed its tourism business on May 29  and it all started with the openings of the museums and bars and things have finally begin to normalise



  1. Seychelles

The East-African archipelago has an affirmation to resume tourism in this month of June but it comes with a hefty catch- The tourism ministry declared it was looking for “high-end visitors” – people with private jets and yachts only would be allowed and following more restrictive precautions.


  1. Cape Town, South Africa

The capital of the great South African continent has forecasted a long estimate date of internationally opening the borders to next year and has allowed domestic travel in the month of November 2020



  1. Mexico

The largest country in Latin America is all set to open tourism services from nothing less than the ending days of June this year however essential travels coupled with a bunch of restrictions are starting to operate as of now


  1. Bahamas

The carribean luxuries are opening their gates to international tourism and provide the tropical experience again from the July 1  with a comprehensive strategy



  1. Argentina

The splendid joyful country in the south American region is in no state of opening the country to tourists any less than June 7 due to the high covid 19 proximity in the continent.



  1. Victoria

The bush fire ravaged state is all set to resume tourism for the state of Victoria by resuming the restrictions especially to the rural regions from June 1


New Zealand has recently been declared Corona Free.

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