GIR: The Asiatic Lion’s retreat

Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Junagadh district of Gujarat, India. The dry and deciduous forest of Sasan Gir is the only place in India where one will find the majestic Asiatic Lions moving freely in the wild. Inside the forest one can spot the king of […]

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Exploring Assam: Kamakhya to Majuli via Kaziranga National Park

Assam is synonymous with unexploited greens, wildlife, immaculate tea plantations, and beautiful people. It’s the gateway to the North East India because of the easy accessibility. Let’s embark on a spiritual and adventurous journey in this splendid state starting from Kamakhya, proceeding to Kaziranga National Park, and then ending the […]

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Face off – The wild ways of Jim Corbett National Park

A single “caoo” penetrated the morning mists, announcing the arrival of a new dawn. A new dawn it was, for new life stirred with every sound, indeed it was a new hope for the numerous denizens that called these pristine forests their home. The ground trembled with a distinct rhythm […]

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