Backpacking Travel Hacks

5 best packing hacks to make traveling easy and seamless.

Written by Sheerin Naz

All the wanderlusts, adventurers and vagabonds out here – isn’t traveling absolute love for you? Be it wandering amidst the lush green valleys or coming close to nature amidst hills or having a gala time at beautiful beaches, traveling lets you make memories and experience life like never before. Aren’t you the happiest while traveling? In fact, you aren’t only excited to reach the destination but, also look forward to enjoying the journey as well, right? However, be it any kind of traveling, either a weekend getaway or a long extensive trip to some oh-so-splendid place, it’s how you travel that makes your journey worthwhile. And, the first and foremost thing that comes with traveling is packing for it just the right way. Yes, if you don’t pack well for your travel, you might just end up being in a mess that you can conveniently avoid. So, while you are all happy and excited to put up your traveling shoes and get lost in some distant, beautiful place, make sure you plan it well and of course, pack your stuff according to –

  • The weather.
  • The duration of the trip.
  • Itineraries that would come along.
  • The mode of traveling.
  • The type of luggage you are carrying.

Yes, these are few of the factors that need to be kept in mind while getting yourself travel-ready. Whether it’s the last minute Goa plan with friend which is going to execute miraculously ( after all Goa plans come with a fate of being canceled, ALWAYS!) or that solo Europe trip for which you have been saving since forever, here are five travel and packing hacks which is going to make your journey seamless and hassle-free, effortlessly while making you an absolute pro at packing. Take a look:

  1. Always have a checklist: Whether you have a brain of the Einstein or your memory power is just top notch, keeping a packing checklist always helps. Remember, to err is human. So, yes, there are possibilities you might just forget some essentials to carry if you don’t have a checklist. From your charger, sunscreen, makeup, wallet and everything in between, a checklist of it all would make sure you don’t miss anything last moment. Pretty smart, isn’t it?
  2. Go for packing cubes: Well, that’s how millennials pack and trust me, it keeps your stuff insanely organized. Yes, you can pack your different belongings in different cubes and once you unzip your luggage, you would exactly know you kept which stuff where. Wouldn’t it make accessing your belongings so much easy and time-saving? It certainly would.
  3. Keep your outfits planned: Okay, so you might be very excited about your trip but, packing everything and anything for it is just going to take unnecessary space in your luggage. So, when it comes to your clothes, plan it before you pack it. Keep the place and the weather of your destination in mind and pack outfits accordingly. If you are bringing jeans, pack the top/shirt and shoes you are going to pair it up with and that’s about it. Do this for your every cloth that you are taking and you will see how you seamlessly avoid being over packed or under packed.
  4. Being travel ready works: Every traveler must know the tips and trick to be travel ready, always. So, always keep a travel size toiletry bag handy with all your essentials like travel size toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner sachets etc.  Additionally, keeping a check on clothes that wrinkle less, occupy less space and can work for both morning and evening is also a great travel hack to make your last minute travel plans work effortlessly.
  5. Having a medical kit is a must: While you are indulging in adventure trips and enjoying life to the fullest, do not forget to make the medical kit a part of your luggage. Sure, you are going to have fun and wouldn’t require it (hopefully) but, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? So, you better stock up your travel health kit with necessities like band-aids, painkillers and any other ointment or medicine that you might need. It helps, it really does.

So, that’s a few traveling and packing hacks to help you plan and enjoy a plethora of trips you take every now and then. The travel bug has bit you hard, after all! Vagabonds, we all are! Happy traveling, folks!


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