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About Winter Trips & Treks

Winter months are best for travellers who are planning to see snow, camp under the stars in snow-covered surroundings, or for travellers who just want to experience winter chills.

Winter Trips are only about the mountains but also the sand dunes, October onwards is a good time to Visit Rajasthan and we do some Rajasthan trips during winter months. Be it a weekend getaway to Jaisalmer or Backpacking Trips covering Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and other famous locations in Rajasthan.

The treks and Trips in winters in the Himalayan region are a different kind of treat for travellers. Snow-covered peaks, snow on the trail, bonfire nights, hot chai pakora under the starry nights are all treats that traveller experiences when he/she is travelling during the Winter MOnths of November, December, January and February.

Now if you are planning to do any winter trip or trek in the months of November, December or January, do check the list of trips and treks that are planned during these months. Get in contact with the team and we will help you with planning the perfect trek in December month.

Best Places to Travel to in India in Winter 2021

Winter here compensates for the past few years this time around. Most people plan to spend their holidays and state holidays wrapped in a blanket and sipping on hot chocolate. But some adventurous souls like us, love to explore new places and enjoy the chilly weather (with hot chocolate, of course). From magical Himachal Pradesh to cozy Kerala, India has an ample amount of places to visit in the winter season. 

With numerous festivals and holidays lined up during winters in India, local and international travelers find it the perfect time to visit the best places. Be it snow-capped peaks, tropical beaches, vast plains, and warm deserts . Be it 'Land of the Great' Rajasthan, or "God's Country" Kerala, or even Goa's tropical beaches, winter is undoubtedly the best time to travel here.

Winter on land in the Indian subcontinent is a pleasant time. In many cases, unlike Europe and Northern Europe, or most North American countries, India sees a very beautiful winter without the hardships of the cold. From November to March, the winter-phased India is locked in a loving embrace. The Himalayas and the northern parts of the country experience colder snow and hail, while the Deccan and southern regions are comparatively mild because of the influence of the oceans. The region is a major highlight of winter trips in India, especially since the monsoons are wet and the summers are too hot. But for winter it's perfect. 

If you need soft sweet sunshine and a cool breeze, head to places like Kerala, Mumbai, Goa, and Rajasthan. You can spend time sipping tea in the mountains or indulging in a snow fight or continuing on the same feel. If you are up for a proper white winter, head north to Auli, Manali, Gulmarg, and Sonmarg. There are many more to try. So for you to have your best winter vacation this year, JW brings you to the top winter trip and trek destinations for 2021. From Backpacking trips to weekend getaways, you will find everything that you’re looking for. Continue reading to know all about it.

Backpacking trips:

These trips are a form of low-cost travel, and often include stays in good affordable lodgings. Carrying all necessary possessions in a backpack, these trips initially began as a marginal form of travel and have now become a mainstream form of tourism. 

While backpacker tourism is generally a form of youth travel, primarily undertaken by young people, it is also undertaken by older people in their leisure time, or for a good outing.

  • Himachal Backpacking Tour - Mcleodganj Bir Barot {Delhi to Delhi}

When: Oct- Jan

The Himachal Backpacking tour traverses some of the best locations in Himachal Pradesh, like Mcleodganj, Bir, and Barot Valley. Although Himachal is famous for its hill station and touristic environment, each hill station has its own meaning. Mcleodganj is famous for its lakes, waterfalls, and museums, and Bir is famous for paragliding. Also, the Barot Valley is a place that has not yet been explored much and is promising for an unforgettable experience. With JustWravel, wravel through the curvy roads and capture the breathtaking views while you experience Himachal like you never did before.


  • Uttarakhand Backpacking to Rishikesh Auli Chopta {Delhi to Delhi}

  When: Oct - Feb

On this journey to the land of gods or ‘Heaven on Earth’, this backpacking trip will cover the very popular destinations of Uttarakhand namely Rishikesh, Auli, and Chopta. famous for its natural beauty and the fact that it is closer to the Himalayas, the place offers high mountain-tops, green surroundings, adventure sports, and adrenaline-spiking activities. From Auli’s Ski-resorts to magnificent high summits, Uttarakhand backpacking trip is a must for any adrenaline junkie.


  • Rajasthan Backpacking to Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur {Delhi to Delhi}

When: Oct - Jan

Deep into the roots of the land of Rajputs and Rajwadas, famous for its rich cultural diversity, places, and monuments, the Land of the Great, Rajasthan, brings to you the most culturally rich backpacking trip. While on the tour to Rajasthan, we will cover the major cities of Udaipur, Jaisalmer, and Jaipur. Apart from the tasty local food, elephant rides, & kathputli show, this desert state surprisingly also has a city of lakes. Come together with JustWravel and experience the tradition of this state.


  • Himachal Backpacking Trip to Manali Kasol Jibhi {Delhi to Delhi}

When: Oct - Jan  

With attractions like Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala, and Dalhousie, Himachal has a strong takeaway from Tibetan culture and you would feel the strong presence of a deep-rooted Tibetan culture throughout the whole state. Also, there is a famous Dalai Lama temple in Mcleodganj, which has been visited quite a few times by Dalai Lama himself. Apart from those, Jibhi, which is a major attraction and it’s mostly on everyone’s Himachal Backpacking Trip itinerary. It is the perfect place for a long nature walk or reading a book and drinking coffee while enjoying nature at its best. The best time to visit Himachal Pradesh is during the months of March to June and September to February. 


  • All Girls Himachal Backpacking Trip Manali Kasol Jibhi {Delhi to Delhi}

When: Oct - Jan, 

Blessed with snow-capped mountains, cobbled streets, deep plunging valleys and waterfalls, treacherous trekking routes, old folklore, and legends, Manali is famous for its cafes in Old Manali. One can also spend the evening shopping to your heart’s content at Mall Road where you will get authentic and local souvenirs. Kasol, on the other hand, is a tiny hamlet settled along the Parvati river in the Parvati Valley. The place is popular for numerous hikes such as Kheerganga, Grahan, Chalal, Rasol and for longer treks as well such as Pin Parvati Pass, Sar Pass, etc. Other nearby attractions include Malana village, Kalga, Pulga, Manikaran, and a few waterfalls like Rudranag.

  • Uttarakhand Backpacking Binsar Jim Corbett Rishikesh {Delhi to Delhi}

When: Oct - Jan

“God’s Own Land” Uttarakhand has its own charm that captivates and enamours tourists around the world. A backpacking trip that would take you to the loftiest heights of the grand Himalayas via Binsar-Corbett-Rishikesh. With one of the most scenic places, you can also spot some of the tallest and most mesmerizing peaks of Uttarakhand such as Chaukhamba, Nanda Devi, Trishul, Shivling, and Panchachuli. Forests, rivers, marshy lands, hills, and rough terrains, this place is home to a large number of animal species and offers its visitors a chance to jungle safari, and a sneak peek into the lives of these wild animals.

  • Meghalaya Backpacking Trip

When: Oct-Mar

A custom-tailored experience including serenity, peace, and adventure, this backpacking trip to Meghalaya has its own significance. One of the wettest places globally, Meghalaya is usually covered in clouds. Amongst a list of things, the place is also famous for Limestone Caves which can be considered a specialty of the place. Adventure sport is also one of the reasons why people go to Meghalaya. Activities like trekking, camping, mountaineering, rock climbing, and water sports are all part of the pack here. The peace and serenity of the place mixed with countless options of adventures, it is one of the perfect destinations to visit in India. 

  • Tawang Bike & Backpacking Trip

When: Oct - Nov

This 7 nights 8 days Bike expedition cum Backpacking trip to Tawang is one of the best trips for eastern India. Beginning from Guwahati, which is also known as 'the city of Eastern Light', the trip starts surrounded by hills and by the Brahmaputra river, with rich and diverse flora and fauna that enhance its natural scenic beauty. From Dirang to the banks of the Jia Bharali river, Sangestar Tso, and the Bum La Pass, this trip has roads mostly covered with snow. The road to Bum La is also a historical route.


Weekend Getaways:


If you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway from your hectic schedule, JustWravel has the best plans for you. Enjoy these short trips and make the most of your weekend. 

  • Manali - Solang Weekend Trip {Delhi to Delhi}

When: Oct - Jan

This three-day trip starting from the capital takes you to the Kullu valley amidst the Pir Panjal ranges. Giving you the view of the beautiful Solang Valley, the trip makes sure you feast your eyes on the serenity of this place. 


  • Kasol Grahan Trekking {Delhi to Delhi}

When: Oct - Jan

The Weekend trip to Kasol - Grahan assures you of a memorable time spent here. From Chalal Hike to the secluded village of Grahan, you are going to love every incy wincy bit of activity this three-day trip has to offer.

  • Prashar Lake Trek {Delhi to Delhi}

When: Oct - Jan

This short two-day trip has more in the bag for you than just the time and the location. From Mandi to Baggi to the Prashar Lake campsite, this short trip will further take you for a trek to Prashar Lake, rewarding you with the best view the place can offer. 


  • Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek {Delhi to Delhi}

When: Oct - Jan

This Weekend trip to Deoriatal Chandrashila beginning from Delhi will give you a taste of Rishikesh, Chopta, Tungnath, Chandrashila, and Sari village apart from the obvious trek to Deoriatal. The mesmerizing beauty of the Chandrashila top and the tranquility of Deoriatal will take your breath away.

  • Kareri Lake Trek {Delhi to Delhi}

When: Oct - Jan

It’s three days in three places kind of trip. This weekend getaway takes you from Delhi to Dharamshala, heading to Kareri VIllage, and an amazing trek to Reoti village and Kareri Lake. Giving you the sheer bliss of the landscape, the trip makes sure you traverse the trek to the beautiful Lake and the village nearby.


  • Nag Tibba Trek {Delhi to Delhi}

When: Oct - Jan

Quite famous for its name, the weekend trip to Nag Tibba will give you all that you can have from this place. Taking you from Pantwari Village to the Nag Tibba campsite, the trek will begin from a goat village, taking you through dense forests, leading to a meadow. The steep trek to the summit will reward you with a panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks.


  • Jibhi Road Trip - Tirthan Valley Weekend Trip {Delhi to Delhi}

When: Oct - Jan

Starting from Delhi, this three-day trip will take you to Jibhi for a stay and a riverside stroll. The trip plans for you the next place as Jalori Pass after which there’s a trek to the beautiful Serolsar Lake and river rafting in Kullu.


  • Kasol Tosh Trip {Delhi to Delhi}

When: Oct - Jan

Waking up in the serene Himalayas and exploring the wilderness on a hike to Chalal Village, the weekend trip to Kasol Tosh gives you the opportunity to witness famous peaks like Papasura, Angduri, and Devachan. Hiking to Barshaini and cafe hopping in Kasol is what makes this trip unforgettable.


  • Bir Billing Paragliding and Trekking Trip {Delhi to Delhi}

When: Oct - Jan

If you want to spend your weekend with some high adrenaline activities, this is the trip for you. Enjoying the scenic sunset, exploring the local town of Bir, cafe hopping, and experiencing paragliding from Billing to Bir, this trip will quench your thirst for fun and enjoyment.


  • Auli weekend tour {Delhi to Delhi}

When: Oct - Jan

For an enthralling winter weekend, JustWravel brings to you the weekend getaway to Auli. This short tour to the Winter sports capital of India will take you from Rishikesh, Haridwar to Joshimath and Auli. Covering the most beautiful routes, you will get to experience some adventure sports and small hikes here.

  • Jaisalmer Weekend Trip

When: Nov- Jan

If you want to sit in the sand for the weekend and enjoy a culturally rich tour, then the trip to Jaisalmer is exactly what you are looking for. With camel rides, jeep safari, Folk Dance, and  Bonfire, this trip will take you through the sand dunes to the majestic fort of Jaisalmer.



A trek is basically an arduous journey of walking with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery. Different from just hiking, trekking involves serious planning for camping accompanied by an experienced guide and an organized schedule. JustWravel makes it easy for you to just select the choice of your trek and enjoy tension-free. Here are the treks we have lined up for winters, check them out!

  • Brahmatal Trek {Rishikesh to Rishikesh}

When: Oct-Mar

The trek to Brahmatal is a six-day-long adventure. Trekking from Lohajung to Bekaltal, Brahmatal, the summit (Brahmatal Pass), and back is what you traverse on foot in this journey. 


  • Kuari Pass Trek {Rishikesh to Rishikesh}

When: Nov - Mar

After reaching Dhak from Rishikesh, is when the actual trek begins. You’ll be half the trip while trekking to Guling and Lower Khullara. Further on, you will be trekking to Khullara via the Kuari Pass and the last destination on foot will be Auli.

  • Kedarkantha Trek {Dehradun to Dehradun}

When: Oct - Mar

This 5-day trekking trip will commence from the Sankri Base village. Exploring on foot, you will have a trekking round trip from Juda ka taal to Kedarkantha Base camp and back. One of the finest gems in the Himalayan range, it is a serene beauty with a sheet of snow.

  • Dayara Bugyal Trek {Dehradun to Dehradun}

When: Nov - Jan

This short four-day beginner-friendly trek to Dayara Bugyal is for those who love to sit and relax in the lap of nature away from all the worldly distractions. Situated at an elevation of 3,408 meters, trek to locations like Raithal and Gui and enjoy other nearby meadows. 

  • Gulabi Kantha Trek {Dehradun to Dehradun}

When: Nov - Jan

Starting from Hanuman Chatti, the trek moves to Kandola and Seema. It is from here that we further trek to our final destination Gulabi Kantha. On a round trip trek back, this five-day-long journey offers you routes less traveled and unexplored beauty of nature.


  • Chandernahan Lake Trek {Shimla to Shimla}

When: Oct - Nov

Covering Janglikh, Dayara Thach, and LithamThach, this fascinating six-day trek takes you to the Chandernahan waterfall and the seven Glacial Ponds. With unmatchable beauty, this is one of the most beautiful treks to do.

  • Phulara Ridge trek {Dehradun to Dehradun}

When: Oct - Nov

An ideal route for adventure lovers, the Phulara route trek is capable of providing a peaceful as well as a fun experience through adventure trekking. The six-day trek offers panoramic views from the ridge walk and eye-catching meadows. 

  • Chadar Trek Ladakh {Leh}

When: Jan 

Want to walk on ice and frozen rivers? The Chadar Trek in Ladakh is one of the most enthralling treks to do. The experience of the Chadar trek remains unique and exciting. The nine-day long has a lot to offer than just sheets of ice and lofty mountains.

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