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Jowai is located in the district of Jaintia Hills in the state of Meghalaya. The town of Jowai, which is a popular tourist destination, is also known by the name of Jwai. Jowai consists of many tribes and settlements that depict the cultural heritage of the town. 

The festival of Behdeimkhlam is a popular festival, when locals prepare delicacies that mainly include meat, fish and pork like Jadoh, Doh Khleh, Doh Jem during this time. Jowai is the commercial and educational hub of the region as several students from neighbouring towns come here to study.  

One of the popular attractions in Jowai is Syntu Ksiar, which is located along the region of the Myntdu River. The destination once used to be one of the most important places for India’s freedom struggle and it was Kiang Nangbah, who led the struggle in the region of Jowai. Jowai has a monument dedicated to the memory of the freedom fighter Kiang Nangbah. Other popular attractions in Jowai include the Thadlaskein Lake and Lalong Park. 

Jowai is one of the wettest regions. Jowai experiences a short summer, comparatively long monsoon and extremely cold winters. 


 The best time to visit the destination is from December to April.

Attraction in Jowai

Lalong Park


Naphak Lake

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