Sandakphu Trek Christmas

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Towards Sandakphu
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Trail to Sankaphu
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Sandakphu Trek
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Sandakphu Trek
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Sunrise during Trek to Sandakphu
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Sleeping Buddha
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Trail to Sandakphu
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Sleeping Buddha View
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Sunrise during Trek

Towards Sandakphu Trail to Sankaphu Sandakphu Trek Sandakphu Trek Sunrise during Trek to Sandakphu Sleeping Buddha Trail to Sandakphu Sleeping Buddha View Sunrise during Trek

Sandakphu Trek

“Sandakphu trek is the one for you if you want to swing between India-Nepal border casually, experience sighting four of the highest peaks in the world all at once and well, experience drinking your coffee at the highest point of Singalila mountain range. The name Sandakphu’s meaning is &lsquo...”

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