Trip from Shirpur Warwade to Balrampur

Balrampur is situated on the bank of river Rapti, a part of Uttar Pradesh, Balrampur city is in close vicinity of Shravasti where Lord Gautam Buddha is considered to have displayed his supernatural powers in the spiritual transformation of Angulimala.

Two prominent archaeological sites, Jetavana and Savatthi, or Saheth and Maheth, as they are locally known, are located in the vicinity of Balrampur city.

The district has very rich literary heritage. Famous Urdu poet Ali Sardar Jafri was born here in 1913. He is among the only four Urdu poets who got the prestigious Jnanpith award.


Best time to Visit

October to March.

Attraction in Balrampur

Maharani Lal Kunwar Pggollege

Patan Devi Temple

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