Trip from Shiggaon to Kailashahar

The Kailashahar was the ancient capital of the Tripuri kingdom. It is a historic town. It lies to the southern tip of the state and shares its border with Bangladesh. It is believed that Chhambulnagar was the original name of Kailashahar. It is also believed by some people that the name Kailashahar came from ‘Har’ (another name of Lord Shiva) and Mount Kailash (home of Lord Shiva) thus ‘Kailash-har’ which was later turned into Kailashahar.

Best time to visit: October- February

Attraction in Kailashahar

Unokotiswara Kal Bhairava

Luxmi Narayan Temple

Tea Estate Kailashaha

Chouddo Devatar Mandir

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