Trip from Sherghati to Phek

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  • State: Nagaland

  • Distance From Sherghati: 1460 Km.

  • Min Temp: 5.36℃

  • Max Temp: 17.74℃


  • Altitude : 1546 Meters


Phek is a landlocked district in the state of Nagaland. It is bounded by Myanmar in the east, Zunheboto and Tuensang districts of Nagaland in the north, Manipur state in the south and Kohima District of Nagaland in the west. 

The district of Phek covers a geographical area of 2026 sq km. About 70% of the region is covered with dense forest and is known to be rich in flora and fauna. The highest mountain range of Phek is Zanibu, which is 800 ft above sea level. 

Phek  district derived its name from the word 'Phekrekedze' which means ‘a watch tower’. This region is mostly inhabited by tribal population, where Chakhesang and Pochury form the majority of the population like in other regions of Nagaland.  

Phek is known for its rich culture and tradition. The folk songs and dances are very popular. This place is famous for expert craftsmen who excel in making baskets, pots, sculptures and furniture.


 People of Phek earn their livelihood from horticulture, fishery, weaving, wood carving and products made of bamboo. Some of the main festivals of Phek are Khuthonye, Thurinye, Turhinye, Tukhanye and Sukhrunye.



The best time to visit the destination is from October to March.

Attraction in Phek

Route Map from Sherghati to Phek

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Hotel Cost

Number of People: 32
Number of Days: 32
Number of Rooms: 23
Rent Per Room Per Day: 23

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Number of People: 32
Number of Days: 32
Per Person per day: 800



Number of People: 32
Budget per Person: 32
Total Budget 23
Total Expenses 1212


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