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Neemuch originated during modern period under British, this place was actually part of Ajmer province and was ruled by a King of Mewar. In 1768, the place was given to the Scindias of Gwalior to pay off debts incurred by the Rana (king) of Mewar.

During the British era this place was home to one of the main British military cantonment in entire India and hence “Nimuch” actually stands out for North India Mounted Artillery & Cavalry Headquarters. Today however this place is spelled more as “Neemuch” than “Nimuch”. The most important and exciting thing is that, this is the only place in entire India whose name has been derived from a military cantonment. Very few people will know that Neemuch is the place from where in 1857 first war of independence started.

Neemuch is also the birth place of CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force), India’s biggest armed police force. In 1998 Neemuch was allotted the status of district.

Neemuch is one of the most industrially prosperous districts of Madhya Pradesh, also one of the most higher literacy rate and this district records highest annual eye donation in the entire country. 


Best time to Visit 

November to March

Attraction in Neemuch

Gandhi Sagar Dam

Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary

Nava Toran Temple

Sukhanand Neemuch

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