Trip from Shamsabad Agra to Pushkar

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  • State: Rajasthan

  • Distance From Shamsabad Agra: 392 Km.

  • Min Temp: 26.58℃

  • Max Temp: 38.85℃


  • Altitude : 499 Meters


At a distance of about 17 kms from Ajmer is Pushkar. The town is located at the shores of the Pushkar Lake, which was created by the tears of Lord Shiva. The town is one of the oldest cities of India and the date of its origin is unknown and is often associated with the Hindu mythology. This place is the personal favourite for foreign tourists.

Pushkar is neither too fancy and unlike any other cities of Rajasthan, it is not adorned with massive forts and palaces. Ghats and temples are the main attractions in Pushkar and the Brahma Temple (believed to be one of its kinds in India) is the major attraction here.

Pushkar Camel Fair that takes place in the month of October and November is attended by a sizable population of both domestic and foreign tourists.


Best time to Visit

Winters is a good time to visit Pushkar and explore this fascinating city of temples surrounded by hills on three sides and a sand dune on the fourth side, making for a city with a delightful view. The temperatures during this season range from a maximum of 22 degree Celsius to a minimum of 8 degree Celsius. 

Attraction in Pushkar

Route Map from Shamsabad Agra to Pushkar

Budget Calculation

Travel Cost




Hotel Cost

Number of People: 32
Number of Days: 32
Number of Rooms: 23
Rent Per Room Per Day: 23

Fooding Cost

Number of People: 32
Number of Days: 32
Per Person per day: 800



Number of People: 32
Budget per Person: 32
Total Budget 23
Total Expenses 1212


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