Trip from Shamsabad Agra to Aurangabad

Aurangabad  is a town and the district headquarters of Aurangabad District one of the thirty-eight districts  of  Bihar  state  India Aurangabad has a population of 101,520. Aurangabad is situated on the NH 2 (Grand Trunk Road). The people of this region primarily speak Magahi  and  Hindi  

The district is home to myriad tourist attractions. Temples, historical places and Islamic pilgrimage centers are located in the district while excellent connectivity via road and efficient means of local transport has boosted tourism. 

As a result, the number of tourists visiting the place has increased considerably. Touring around the district will be a pleasant experience from October to March, which is considered the best time to visit Aurangabad. 

Some of the well-known residential areas of Aurangabad are Block colony, Shri Krishna nagar, Club Road, New Area, Karma Road, Naga Bigha,sahpur. 

 The District Court and District Magistrate Office are located close to Ramesh Chowk. Club Road is home to the town hall, district jail, social club while Karma Road houses the headquarters of the district electricity department, police center and forest department.

Best time to visit the destination October to April. 

Attraction in Aurangabad

Dev Kund

Sun Temple

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