Trip from Nandivaram Guduvancheri to Bharuch

Bharuch also known as Broach, is a City at the mouth of the river Narmada  in Gujarat(Central-West nbsp;India) Bharuch is the administrative headquarters of Bharuch District  and is a municipality of about 370,000 inhabitants. 

The city of Bharuch and its surroundings have been settled since times of antiquity.  Bharuch was known to the Greeks, the various Persian Empires, in the Roman Republic and Empire, and in other Western centres of civilisation through the end of the European Middle Ages. 

In the 3rd century, Bharuch port was mentioned as Barugaza.[ ]  Arab traders entered Gujarat via Bharuch to do business. The British and the Dutch (Valandas) noted Bharuch’s importance and established their business centers here. 

At the end of the 17th century, it was plundered twice, but resurged quickly. Afterwards, a proverb was composed about it, “Bhangyu Bhangyu Toye Bharuch”. As a trading depot, the limitations of coastal shipping made it a regular terminus via several mixed trade routes of the fabled spice and silk trading between East and West. During the British Raj it was officially known as Broach. 

The best time to visit the destination is from October to march.

Attraction in Bharuch

Bharuch Fort

Brigu Rishi Temple


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