Trip from Adalaj to Saiha

Called by the name 'Saiha' by the mizos, Siaha is one of the largest towns in Mizoram and is situated in the southern most part of the state. The word ‘Saiha’ comes from the local Mara language word ‘Siaha’ and the word can be broken into two – ‘Sai’ means elephant and ‘ha’ means tooth – thus Saiha means the elephant tooth because It was a place where a large amount of elephant teeth were found.

Best time to visit: October-April

Attraction in Saiha

Palak Dil

Palak Wildlife Sanctuary

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Number of People: 32
Number of Days: 32
Number of Rooms: 23
Rent Per Room Per Day: 23

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Number of People: 32
Number of Days: 32
Per Person per day: 800



Number of People: 32
Budget per Person: 32
Total Budget 23
Total Expenses 1212


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