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About Treks in September

The underlying love for the mountains, the lip-smacking food, the fresh breeze, and the adventure that awaits - is something that connects us, the travelers and wanderers. Of course, along with the best packages, we have to offer for September it is a cherry on the top. Trekking in itself is the adventure that patiently waits for us to embark on this journey, and has the beautiful taste of what surpassing the hurdles feels like. While it is said, ‘it’s the journey, not the destination’, Trekking surely is an exception to this. 

Let’s move to the best treks in September that you absolutely can't miss out on: 

Bhrigu Lake in September is a high-altitude glacial lake curled up at 14,100 ft, making it an ideal location for mind-blowing adventure and thrills. The lake is oval and is located near Manali's Rohtang Pass. The lake was named after a sage named Bhrigu. Bhrigu Lake Trek in Manali is one of the most masterfully crafted short treks in the Himalayas, greeting you to experience high-altitude alpine lakes, lush greenery meadows, and just about everything you dream and desire. The short itinerary for Bhrigu Lake is a 45-minute drive to Kulang from Manali, after which we trek to Moridugh and then trek to Bhrigu to witness the beauty. Overall, it takes about three days for the whole journey, so it can be considered a weekend trek option as well which is why it's one of the best treks in September that you can embark upon. 

Hampta Pass Trek in September is all about the thrill to cross the high Himalayan pass and peacefully enjoy the breathtaking beauty. A perfect blend of lush green valleys of Kullu on one side, and the semi-arid region of the Lahaul valley on the other. The trekking distance is 23.5 km with all the beautiful and exotic nature around making it the perfect story to tell to your friends and family. It is one of the best treks to do in September. The contrast of the gentleness of the blossoms against the mountainous terrain ends up taking your breath away, as you come to realize that mother nature never ceases to amaze, and you get to witness this phenomenon firsthand in the stunning shades that the Hampta Pass trek shows you. From cliffs to slanting slopes, glaciers that look like icy carpets, and rhododendron forests to alpine lakes, the Hampta pass trail reveals a new side to hikers with each step. It is surely one of the best treks in September.

The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is Situated in the crown of Kashmir and is worth all the good talks in the town. When you want to visit everything be it meadows, passes, glaciers, or experiencing the mesmerizing lakes - The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is the answer. It confirms Kashmir's legendary status as "Paradise on Earth." This is due to the trek being set on a larger-than-life canvas. Every day offers a 360-degree view of wild, mountainous terrain, moving meadows, and turquoise alpine lakes. And you get to discover more than seven of these lakes as well as five very unique valleys! With a Once in the lifetime kind of experience it provides, it is no doubt that every trekker has this on their list - and if you don’t already then you might just know what to add. The distance that you cover during the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is 72 km, - 72 km of heavenly beauty!

The Valley of Flowers Trek is located near the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve and, with its abundance of spring flowers encompassing the vast area of land. With the possibility of spotting the extremely rare blue Primula, it is one of the most beautiful Himalayan treks our country has to offer. In the Hindu epic Ramayan, Hanuman is said to have brought the mystical herb from the Valley of Flowers to try to revive Lakshman. When it comes to assessing the level of difficulty, the Valley of Flowers trek falls into the easy to moderate category, making it ideal for novices and even family members. The most difficult climb is to Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara, the highest Gurudwara in the world and one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in Uttarakhand.

With monsoon coming to an end by August, September is one of the best times for Himalayan Treks. The valleys are clear and blooming, the peaks get more visible from the summits and even the meadows (bugyals) which are closed in the monsoon months are open again.

And, now that we have covered the best treks to do in September, We see you being tempted by the "Book a Slot" alert right there, and if you are looking for a sign, here it is. 

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September is one of the most ideal months when it comes to Himalayan treks as the post-monsoon season provides freshness to the landscapes of the Himalayas. The best treks to do in September is Hampta Pass Trek, Valley of Flowers Trek, Bhrigu Lake Trek, and Kashmir Great Lakes.

Hampta Pass which is one of the most beautiful treks to do becomes ten times more beautiful as the skies are crystal clears and provide a stunning view of the Milky Way. The same goes for Kashmir Great Lakes Trek as well as Bhrigu Lake Trek. 

The basecamp for Valley of Flowers Trek is Joshimath which is 8 hour's drive from Rishikesh. It is one of the best treks in Uttrakhand that allows you to traverse through the Valley of Flowers National Park which is one of the oldest treks in India that was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2022. The bonus of doing Valley of Flowers is that you can visit the Gurudwara Hemkund Sahib which opens for devotees during the monsoon season.  

The base camp of the Hampta Pass trek is Jobra which is a 45 min drive from Manali. While on the other hand, the basecamp for Bhrigu Lake Trek is Kulang which is a 30 min drive from Manali. Both Hampta Pass Trek, as well as Bhrigu Lake trek, are some of the best treks in Himachal, especially in September. 

When it comes to Himalayan treks, the trails are tricky during the monsoon time, they become even trickier which is why caution is needed. However, September is ideal as Himalayas don't see much rainfall and the slopes aren't as slippery. With proper trekking gears like trekking poles, water resistant boots, waterproof rucksack, raincoats or poncho, you'll be able to do these treks without much difficulty.


Hampta Pass, Valley of Flowers and Bhrigu Lake all fall under the easy to moderate category when it comes to the difficulty level. Nonetheless, with the help of trekking gears such as trekking pole and guidance of a skilled Trek lead even beginners can complete these treks. 

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