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About Treks in October

The weather starts to change in the month of October and most of the treks that are accessible in the summer or monsoon months start to close.

It begins to snow in most of the high-altitude treks and passes in the months of October and winter treks become accessible in the month of October.

Kedarkantha Trek, Brahmtal Trek, Dayra Bugyal which are all below 4000 mts become accessible and are one of the better months to plan for this trek.
You find much snow on the trail during the month of October and for trekkers who do not prefer too cold or snow, is the perfect time for them. The probability of trekking to Summit during October month is quite high as the weather is good and skies clear.

Now that you are planning to do a trek in October, do check the list of treks that are accessible during this month. Get in contact with the team and we will help you with planning the perfect trek in October month.

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