Treks in March

Trekking can be a pretty exhaustive as well as quite enjoyable activity but what makes trekking even more enjoyable? Pretty weather with winds gushing by and on top of that sun shining away at you which makes the scenery even more serene, well! March has it all.

The springs start from March itself and with Spring comes an ultimate desire to go out of our homes and explore the niceness that nature offers. But taking it up a notch, you can extend your boundaries and move out to explore new destinations where you’ve always wanted to go to.

Trekking in March is surely a fun idea and with the forthcoming Holi around the corner, march becomes one of the best seasons to travel with close one and celebrate the festive in different parts of the world.

Ask us for any type of trekking query or book one of the trek packages we’ve curated specially for you and don’t forget to ask us for the Wraveler batch when you travel with us.

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