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Treks in December

About Treks do in December

With December being a peak snow month, there are a lot of treks to do in December wherein you will find a good amount of snow on the trail and also on the summit.

Even weekend treks from Delhi like Prashar Lake, Nag Tibba Trek, Kareri Lake receive good amounts of snowfall and acts as a treat for trekkers who can not trek for a longer duration.
The trails on most of the treks in December are covered with snow and even temperature post-sunset on some treks dips below zero. Even a good amount of fitness is required from trekkers as trekking on snow-covered trails becomes a little difficult.

Although treks in December are a visual treat, you need to religiously follow the packing list as it gets really cold on the higher altitudes and if you do not wear layers of warm clothes it gets difficult to trek.

Now that you are planning to do a trek in December, do check the list of treks that are accessible during this month. Get in contact with the team and we will help you with planning the perfect trek in December month.

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