Treks in April

Trekking is a perfect activity for the adrenaline junkies who couldn’t resist the urge to do something thrilling, exciting and new every now and then. And what could be a better time to head out on a trek than April itself?

Taste the white snow of mountains covered in knee-deep snow and take shelter under Igloos made using your own tent and snow or drink hot cocoa at the mountain summit. The choice is yours on how to enjoy the trekking and whatever you do, you’ll never miss out on fun while on a trek, that’s a guaranteed outcome.

Explore the famous Sar Pass trek or wander deep into Deorital Chandrishila or even hop on with the group trekking for the summit till Kareri lake. Choose from the wide variety of places we can take you to and well! Don’t forget to book your slot after that.

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