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Treks in West Bengal

About Treks in West Bengal

Sandakphu Phalut Trek is the best trek that you can do in West Bengal. West Bengal has been largely famous for the Bay of Bengal, The Sunderbans, and the tea estates. But there are few treks in West Bengal that the trekking community can explore and experience the eastern landscapes and beauty.

One of the main reasons why trekking in West Bengal is famous is that from the highest point on Sandakphu Trek you can see 4 of the highest peaks in the world. Makalu, Everest , Lhotse and Kanchenjunga. 

No other trek in West Bengal offers what Sandakhu has to offer. There are few other days and multi-day treks in West Bengal and frequented by the local state trekkers.

If you are planning a trek in West Bengal in the coming days, do get in touch with the team and we will recommend you the treks possible and suitable to your needs.

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