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About Treks in Sikkim

One of the most beautiful states in India and has a lot of adventure activities to offer for all kinds of Travellers. Trekking in Sikkim is one such activity and a lot of domestic and foreign trekkers do it every year.

Being a border state, it shares international borders with 3 different countries Nepal, Bhutan, and China. Apart from the central region for trekking in Sikkim, you need to get permits from the Sikkim government. Even for the normal tourists, they provide Inner Line Permit, and only then can you explore the internal regions of the state.

Most of the treks in Sikkim are moderate and challenging and nor=t recommended to first-time trekkers. You have to maintain a good amount of fitness if you are planning for any trek in Sikkim.

Being a Himalayan state, most of the treks in Sikkim are high altitude treks and are multi-day so you need to prepare accordingly for the gears and other essentials.

Treks in Sikkim are generally accessible in the summer months as during winter it snows heavily and most of the trails or peaks are not accessible.

Goechala Trek Sikkim is one of the most famous treks of the state and a lot of trekkers plan it every year.

If you are planning a trek in Sikkim in the coming days, do get in touch with the team and we will recommend you the treks possible and suitable to your needs.


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