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Trekkers in the southern part of India have a variety of treks to do in the Karnataka state. With more than 100 + treks which start from the vicinity of Bangalore, there are multiple weekend treks which start from Bangalore.

There are few treks in Karnataka where you are allowed to trek at night, making it a unique experience.

Kodachadri Trek in Karnataka at an altitude of 1343 mts is one of the famous treks in the state and one of the weekend getaways from Bangalore.vKabbaladurga is a night trek in Karnataka and is situated in the Kanakapura range.

The main advantage of trekking in Karnataka being the options that you have to explore the various regions with varied landscapes. Round the year at least one or the other trek is always operational so as a trekker throughout the year you have some option of trek in Karnataka.

The mountains in Karnataka are not that high so there are not many multi day treks or high altitude treks in Karnataka. Which makes it easier for the beginners to join the groups or plan on their own.

If you are planning a trek in Karnataka in the coming days, do get in touch with the team and we will recommend you the treks possible and suitable to your needs.

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