The town of Rupnagar formerly known as Rupar or Ropar, is said to have been founded by a Raja called Rokeshar, who ruled during the 11th century and named it after his son Rup Sen.

It is also the site of an ancient town of the Indus Valley Civilization. The major cities in Ropar Distric are MOrinda, Nangal, Kurali, Anandpur Sahib. Morinda is also known as Baghawala "The City of Gardens." 

It is located at Chandigarh- Ludhiana Highway.

Naina Devi Temple is situated on a hilltop at about 60 kms North of Ropar overlooking the Gobind Sagar lake. Naina Devi Temple is significant regionally and is a well visited ex-Chandigarh (100 kms) throughout the year. Naina Devi Temple is also widely regarded as one of the Shakti Peetha temples.


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Round the year

Attraction in Rupnagar

Gibind Sagar

Gibind Sagar

Gobind Sagar Lake

Sri Naina Deviji

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