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Lachung (9000 ft l) in North Sikkim is located in 128 kms (5 hours) from Gangtok. An area around Lachung is most remote and is renowned for its exceptional Himalayan views.

The word Lachung means "small pass". The town is approximately 125 kilometers (78 mi) from the capital Gangtok.

Lachung has been described as the "most picturesque village of Sikkim" by British explorer Joseph Dalton Hooker in his definitive, The Himalayan Journal (1855). Skiing is conducted in Phuni near this town.

 Most of Lachung's inhabitants are of Lepchaand Tibetan descent. Languages spoken here are Nepali, Lepcha and Bhutia. During winter the town is usually covered in snow. Lachung is also the base camp for Rhododendron Valley Trek which starts from Yumthang Valley and ends at Lachen Valley.


The best time to visit the destination is from October to February and April to June

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yumthang valley

naga sikkim

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