Dust Off Your Backpack - We are Back

Yes! The travel industry, which was perceived to be closed for another couple of months is now back in operation and so are we.

We are reopening our offices and initiating travel bookings in the manner that we previously did.

But before that, we need to have a little conversation with you guys. The reason being that while you must be excited about traveling again, there is a deep-rooted fear of the COVID-19 that still persists inside not just you but in all of our hearts.

Now, we are fully aware of the situation and in order to tackle this and maintain the safety of anyone who travels with us, we have tweaked our trips in the required manner.

Furthermore, we know that you don’t have all the time in this world to read on to 50 pages of our documented schemes. And that is why we have summed all of it in just 7 FAQs.

So, now read on and if something still bothers you then you already have our contact information for that, just ring a bell and we’ll be there for you as always.

FAQ 1: Which states or regions are you going to cover currently in terms of the available travel packages and Tours?

Ans: Regions that we are starting with are as follows:

  • Rajasthan
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Uttarakhand
  • Kutch (Gujarat)
  • GOA

The reasons being that these are the safest states to travel to and have already opened their borders for us, travelers.

Along with that, these all are travel-centric states which promote tourism at par and are currently in the process to meet the guidelines and doing their best efforts to facilitate tourism. And among them, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Goa don’t even require you to provide a COVID Negative Report.

FAQ 2: How can I be assured that my safety is a primary concern or what measures will you be taking to protect travelers like me against the ongoing COVID-19 situation?

Ans: We know COVID-19 is not fully under control and we also know that there might be a lot of questions in your mind.

Now, we can throw a set of documented guidelines at you. But it just won’t satisfy your inner curiosity and you’ll either not read that long paragraph or if you do, then you’ll still be left wondering about it.

So, in order to answer that. We want you to imagine going to your favorite place with JustWravel. And also imagine that along with you, there are 10 other responsible individuals who all are verified thoroughly regarding their current health conditions by our team personally.

And At every point in time, they all are following the required guidelines like wearing a mask, having proper sanitization, keeping their things separated, regular temperature checks, and more of what is to be followed.

Along with that, the vehicles used in the commute are frequently being cleaned at every point of boarding and deboarding. Hotels are checked for safety and a stash of extra masks, shields, sanitizers are stacked, to be used by you in times of need.

And most importantly, you and your fellow travelers are being eyed by a responsible trek leader and team members who make sure that, not even one of you takes these guidelines lightly.

Now, we can confidently say that by following all these protocols the chances of someone getting Infected by coronavirus drops by a large margin.

So, we’d be taking care of all our wravelers in the best way we can, even if we have to be a little strict at times, which we usually stay away from.

As travelers who’re on a voyage in the current times, it will be our shared responsibility to take care of everything and everyone who surrounds us. Be it our fellow travelers, team members, or the local people.

And we believe that you are someone who can be trusted with that responsibility, aren’t you? Yes! we know you are.

Now, all you have to do is trust us just the same way and we’ll be off on an exciting journey, after so long.

FAQ 3: What kind of travel packages are available right now?

Ans: We have prepared a schedule for treks, backpacking trips, and independent packages as of now. So, basically every package that we have for the aforementioned states/regions is going to be available for booking.

But if you’re looking for weekend getaways then we are doing 4 trips for the October Long Weekend ( 2nd - 4th October). For details you can connect with us at WhatsApp or Call.

We are re- opening the fixed departure tours from October Mid, you can check this link

Moreover, if you still want to go on trips that we donot have fixed departures of, you can avail the package in the form of a private group. For more details on the same contact us by clicking here or dial 92057 25727

For browsing through the available packages click here.

FAQ 4: I don’t want to share the journey with any stranger, can the packages be booked privately?

We know and understand your discomfort which is why we facilitate you with the option of Private Bookings. In this manner, you can choose the individual who would travel with you and take them along for a ride.

It usually consists of a group of friends or family members that you’re comfortable traveling with and have a surety that they’re COVID-19 free.

More detail on private booking needed you can click here or dial 93548 38839

FAQ 5: I need to know in detail about your anti-COVID-19 Policies/guidelines for the travel?

We are going to follow everything that can possibly decrease your chances of contracting coronavirus. Some of the most prominent guidelines are as follows:

  • As per the updated SOP, the guest will have to come with a COVID-19 negative test report (RT-PCR test), which is taken not earlier than 96 hours before entering the state.
  • There are no guidelines for the number of people in one vehicle, but we will take the necessary precaution of sanitizing the vehicle before pick up and maintaining small group size.
  • All the equipment will be sanitized before use. Every guest will be provided with one sleeping bag, mattress, and utensils that will be used throughout the trek.
  • If possible, we will try to stay in tents on day 1 to minimize the risk attached to staying in hotels. Rooms will be sanatized in case we are staying in a hotel.
  • To keep the locals safe, guests will not be allowed to venture into the villages unmonitored.
  • Accommodation during treks will be provided on the double sharing basis.

Along with that, every general guideline of the state would also be followed. And the vehicles that would be used while traveling, would be cleaned thoroughly after every stoppage in case of boarding and deboarding of guests.

Call our travel experts to know from where you can get the RT- PCR Test done

FAQ 6: What if my plan changes at the last moment and I want a cancellation?

Ans: These are uncertain times and even we have to handle things accordingly!

We have always kept the option of booking your trip with a booking amount and paying the full amount in parts, up until 7 days before the departure date.

As we also make advance payments to our taxi and local vendors as soon as we receive the confirmation from guests and you guys very well understand cancellations at the last moment hampers the cost of running a fixed departure, still to make it convenient for our guests.

Booking Amount - If you have paid the booking amount and need to cancel. You have the option to shift your batch or choose an alternate trip anytime within 12 months. If you are not sure about your travel plan ,you also have the option to transfer once to any of your known.

Full Amount - If you have made the complete payment and you wish to Cancel at the very last moment. We will refund the amount deducting the booking amount and that booking amount can be availed within 12 months on any trip or can also be transferred.

FAQ 7: What about Fixed Departures Treks and Trips?

Ans: We have listed out all our fixed departures , check the link here. With the travel operations opening up in most regions , we are expecting things to be under check by October-mid.

You can make the bookings accordingly. Cancellation policies will remain the same as mentioned above for bookings till December 2020.


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