COVID-19 Update & Guidelines
Regarding Travelling in India

The news of the new variant of Covid called “Omicron” has sent a new wave of panic through the public and with so many infographics circling around the net, it’s hard to gain a comprehensive insight to understand what’s actually going on and how this variant affects our lives including our travel plans. It’s no surprise that with this new turn of events, people are reminded of the distressing times that they have been through in the past but there’s nothing to be panicking about as one just needs to be cautious and follow some basic guidelines the government has set.

First of all it's important to understand that the concerns regarding the Omicron variant are valid as evidence put forward by WHO shows that there are several mutations associated with it that make it volatile and unpredictable. Not much is known about the different aspects of the variant and how rapidly it spreads which is why there is a crucial need for people to be even more cautious.

Now, in order to do so, you just need to be careful and follow the same safety guidelines that you have been following, just with even more carefulness than before.

Studies are being conducted to better understand the effects of Omicron but in the meantime WHO is providing countries all over the world with information and resources that will prepare them for it including access to vaccines for vulnerable groups, better treatment and diagnostic procedures.

If you still haven’t gotten vaccinated then we urge you to get your doses and be fully vaccinated before you choose to travel anywhere. If you’re thinking of visiting the mountains or any other place before that then it would not be recommended by us as it’ll create a hazard for all the parties including yourself. It’s a risk we refuse to take.

But if you’re someone who is on par with every guideline that has been issued by the government and is fully fit to go on new adventures then we can ensure that you will face no problems whatsoever and we will definitely take you on your dream trip.

Read on and get to know about the guidelines that we would be following in the next phase of chasing our dream of ‘Making adventures possible.’

I am Fully Vaccinated, Can I Go Out For Travelling Or Do I Have To Wait?

No! You don’t have to wait if you’re fully vaccinated. The vaccination makes you immune to the diseases associated with the virus and its variants. However, not being vaccinated makes you prone to infections.

Moreover, we’re only travelling with vaccinated individuals. If you are planning on traveling with us then, a vaccination certificate warranting you being fully vaccinated with two doses is mandatory for travelling.

Afterwards, it's our responsibility to ensure your safety on your journey, and that’s a promise we are committed to keep.

We’ve fulfilled this promise with the 4000+ travelers that traveled with us from last October till March and after the second wave as well. We’re more than prepared for more.

What Are The Current Requirements For Travelling?

State Wise guidelines have been issued when it comes to traveling domestically. These are the things that are required for a traveler to carry:

  1. Vaccination Certificate
  2. RT-PCR Test results with Negative Report.
  3. A safety kit including sanitisers and masks. (provided by us to every traveler)
  4. Must be in a good health condition i.e not showing symptoms of cold, fever etc before boarding.

*Some states like Uttarakhand require travelers to go under a RT-PCR test in the state itself.

I Want to Travel but I Am Worried About My Safety, What Should I Do?

You’re worried for a cause and that’s very much understandable and we do acknowledge that the current situation might be a little bit alarming as we have all struggled in the past years and we are unwilling to relive those days again but you won’t have to worry about anything if you are responsible and careful.

No concrete information regarding any imposition of lockdown has been made public. The only restrictions that have been made are on Airports for passengers traveling from countries that are “At High Risk”. Domestic travelers need to follow the same rules as before of carrying their vaccination certificate and negative RT-PCR test results as before.

All our fixed departures are running actively and no batch has been cancelled. If the guidelines change and there’s any inconvenience then our team is more than apt to handle it.

Additionally, about 8000+ travellers have booked with us in the past couple of months since we’ve reopened after the second lockdown and out of those, not even one person was affected by Covid-19 as we had strict guidelines in place.

Still, it is advised to put your safety as your primary concern and if you’re going out then take all the necessary precautions if you’re travelling on your own. Otherwise, you can book with us and we’ll take care of the rest.

What if I booked a Trip and it gets cancelled due to lockdown? Will I be refunded?

We understand that you must be thinking twice before clicking that ‘Book Now’ button as no one wants to lose money where there’s a possibility for the same. As there are no updates regarding any lockdown as of December 12, 2021 there isn’t a need for you to be worrying about lockdown yet.

But in any case, we assure you that you’ll not lose even a dime on booking with us with our special cancellation policies. There are unlimited Batch Schedule options and a simple cancellation policy which allows you to cancel your booking with smooth refunds.

To see our cancellation policies you can check this link.

What Regions Are Open for Travelling and How Many of Them Require a Covid Negative Certificate?

As of december 2021, all states remain open for traveling with different guidelines that travelers have to follow. We are currently updating all the statewise travel guidelines over at JustWravel blogs. It gets updated on a daily basis and you can read all about it by clicking on the button given below.

Check Travel Guidelines By State Now

How Can I Be Assured That My Safety Is a Primary Concern at JustWravel?

More than 8000 people have traveled with us after the second wave alone and it goes without saying that none one of those people faced issues regarding the covid virus or found us to be lenient when it comes to their safety.

Now, we can tell you all about the set of documented guidelines that we followed. But it probably won’t satisfy your curiosity.

So, in order to answer that, We want you to imagine going to your favourite destination with JustWravel and also imagine that along with you, there are 10 other responsible individuals who are all verified thoroughly regarding their current health conditions by our team personally.

And at every point in time, they are following the required guidelines like wearing a mask, having proper sanitization, keeping their things separated, regular temperature checks, and other necessary procedures that are deemed necessary.

Along with that, the vehicles used in the commute are sanitized. Hotels are checked for safety and a stash of extra masks, shields, sanitisers are stacked, to be used by our travelers in times of need.

And most importantly, you and your fellow travelers are under the care of a responsible trek leader and other team members who make sure that none of you takes these guidelines lightly.

Now, we’re not saying all this from a theoretical point of view but we’ve actually practiced all these things a dozen times and verified the same as well.

The last couple of months have taught us how to operate during the corona times. Gradually, we moulded ourselves to tend to every little aspect which needs to be catered.

Not only just us, but the people who were there with us on the trips, do agree to this as well. Hence, we have been getting all these positive reviews which you can read by clicking here.

So, we’d be taking care of all our wravelers in the best way we can, even if we have to be a little strict at times, which we usually stay away from.

As travellers who are going on a journey in the current times, it will be our shared responsibility to take care of everything and everyone who surrounds us. Be it our fellow travellers, team members, or the local people.

And we believe that you are someone who can be trusted with that responsibility, aren’t you? Yes! We know you are.

I Don’t Want to Share the Journey With Any Stranger, Can the Packages Be Booked Privately?

We know and understand your discomfort which is why we facilitate you with the option of Private Bookings and Independent Tours. In this manner, you can choose the individual who would travel with you and take them along for a ride.

It usually consists of a group of friends or family members that you’re comfortable travelling with and have a surety that they’re COVID-19 free and are vaccinated as well.

More detail on private booking needed you can click here or dial 93548 38839

I Need to Know In Detail About Your Anti-COVID-19 Policies/Guidelines for the Travel?

We have always followed the guidelines issued by the government to assure the safety of everyone involved with us. Some of the most prominent guidelines are as follows:

We only take travelers with us who have negative results on their RT-PCR report and are fully vaccinated.

While there are no guidelines for the number of people in one vehicle as of yet, we take the necessary precaution of sanitizing the vehicle before picking up and maintaining a small group size that doesn’t exceed 11 people at any given time.

All the equipment is sanitized before use. Every guest is provided with one sleeping bag, mattress, and utensils that will be used throughout their treks.

All rooms in your hotel where you will be staying are sanitized.

Accommodation during treks will be provided on a double sharing basis.

Along with that, every mentioned guideline of the state is followed. As per the updated SOP, the guest will have to come with a COVID-19 negative test report (RT-PCR test), which is taken not earlier than 72 hours before boarding their flight and entering the state. Some states like Uttarakhand require people coming from different states to undergo the RT-PCR test under their supervision.

Note:Call our travel experts to know from where you can get the RT- PCR Test done or check the current covid guidelines by state now.

What if My Plan Changes at the Last Moment and I Want a Cancellation?

We understand that with times like these, comes a feeling of uncertainty and we are equipped to handle things accordingly!

We have always kept the option of booking your trip with a booking amount and paying the full amount in parts, up until 7 days before the departure date.

As we also make advance payments to our drivers and local vendors as soon as we receive the confirmation from guests, you guys very well understand cancellations at the last moment hampers the cost of running a fixed departure, still to make it convenient for our guests we have a smooth cancellation policy that consists of a few criterias.

In case that a new lockdown is imposed on a state or the country, due to the effects of the Omicron variant and government restricts traveling or a traveler tests positive for Covid just before their trip, these are the options we will be making available for you:

Booking Amount - If you have paid the booking amount and need to cancel, You have the option to shift your batch or choose an alternate trip anytime within 12 months. If you are not sure about your travel plan, you will be given a credit note the same as the booking amount which can even be availed by your family member or a friend in the future.

Full Amount - If you have made the complete payment and you wish to cancel at the very last moment (due to covid), We will initiate the refund deducting the booking amount. The booking amount can be availed within 12 months on any trip or can also be transferred as credit scores.

Note: The above mentioned rules will be applicable only in the wake of a new wave of covid and its variant or if a nation wide lockdown is announced. In any other case, the booking amount is non-refundable and credit notes aren't being provided by our team as of now.

Moreover, we also offer Travel Membership, which can enable you for unlimited batch shifting* and full refund on cancellation fees*.

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