Road Trips in May

The month of May is the most awaited months of all as summer vacations are just around the corners and everyone is planning to go here and there this vacation.

While, you may plan to go onto another cliche vacation point such as Manali or Nainital or even plan a goa trip, just try dropping it and plan for the unknown this time.

With destinations such as Spiti valley, Madhya Pradesh, Meghalaya or even out of the country to Bhutan, take a road trip with us and have a different kind of experience this holiday season.

This May is going to be memorable and you’d come back with pictures of you doing crazy stuff weather it is on a paraglider in Bir-Billing or on a Bike in Spiti Valley.

Now, that you have already made up your mind about going on a trip this May then choose from the wide variety of places we can take you to and well! Don’t forget to book your slot after that.

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