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Kasol, Himachal Pradesh
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We spend most of our time looking at high skylines and concrete roads. Most of us find it hard to envision a place that remains untouched by the industrialization that many cities have accepted as a part of their ever-developing culture.

But there is a whole world out there and it’s this awareness that keeps us wanting to explore places that are different and unique. All we want is to escape to a place that gives us peace and sets our minds at ease even if it’s in the form of a 3-day weekend trip to Grahan. 

 If we were to compare Himachal Pradesh with a treasure trove, then Grahan would be the rare, precious gem that remains obscured from the eyes of many travelers today.

At a distance of a 10 Kilometers hike from one of the most popular places in Himachal, Kasol, this spiritual village makes you feel as if time has slowed down to let you know that it’s time to take a breather and look around for a while.

If you have been looking for a place where life moves at a slow pace, a place without the bustling city noise, a place where peace still exists, then a trek to Grahan is something that you must do in Himachal.  

Located at an altitude of 7,700 feet, this tiny hamlet is nestled in Parvati Valley and although you have to strain your legs a bit to reach here, the experience is extremely rewarding. On this weekend's getaway to Grahan, we take you to Kasol at first as there is no direct way to reach this village. 

Since Kasol is one of the must-visit places in Himachal, we make sure that you get to take a glimpse at the local lifestyle and spend a night in Kasol.

We head out for the Grahan Trek afterward. After traversing through lush green forests consisting of deodar trees, crossing rickety wooden bridges, passing by the streaming rivers and cascading waterfalls, and walking upon a trail covered with rugged stones, the remote village of Grahan will come into view.

A life that is long lost due to urbanization, this trek to Grahan, feels like going back in time as there are no vehicles, internet connections, or ATMs.   

If you’re thinking that a place so untouched by the outside world will not have much to offer, then we are here to tell you that there are many things to do in Grahan and there are places that you can’t miss. The Grahan waterfalls, The Grahan Nalla river are only a few beautiful spots that you must visit in Grahan.

The Grahan trek is actually one of the best treks in Himachal. One of the things that add more charm is the furry companions you will find on the trail. There are dogs who would trek along with you till you reach the village.

If you are in Grahan, then you simply can’t miss the magic honey that is a significant part of the cuisine. It is bound to give you a sugar rush but that's just one of the experiences that you must have while you're here. 

The homestays which will be your accommodations are basically wooden houses that are crafted beautifully with cozy rooms that are bound to make you fall in love and come back to this place again. 

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