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Kasol, Himachal Pradesh
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Grahan is not extremely popular among travelers that visit Kasol. However, a scenic hike of 10km starting from Kasol will lead you to the village easily.

The itinerary for the Grahan trip starts off with a drive from Delhi to Kasol, where you’ll be spending the night. The next day, you’ll start your journey to reach the village.

After about 7km, you’ll encounter a sign that says ‘short route to Grahan’. Avoid this if you’re a beginner trekker as it’ll take a toll on your calves and end up taking much longer.

The hike is devoid of chai or food stalls. Due to this, it’ll be in your best interest to stock up on a few biscuits or apples to carry along during the hike.

It seems like there’s a lot of restrictions or conditions you have to fill before you travel. But trust us, with a river flowing throughout the trail, it’s one of the prettiest hikes in the valley.

After all, it falls underneath the Great Himalayan National Park. The river previously mentioned is the Grahan Nalla river. This is a famous place to visit in Grahan.

This serves as an excellent spot to rest for a while after climbing uphill for so long and trekkers can also refill their bottles here. The cool breeze will re-energize you for the rest of your hike.

If you’re a dog lover, you’re in luck. Plenty of mountain dogs are present no matter where you’re hiking. Grahan tourism has definitely become greater due to these furry friends.

They’ll definitely join you on your way to the village and might even be with you in the homestay. If you take our previous point of stocking up on biscuits seriously, be sure to share some of them with these loyal companions.

It’s home to around 300 villagers and contains about 30-40 houses. It’s located at an altitude of 7500 feet.

There are plenty of things to do in Grahan.

As you enter the village, you’ll see plenty of happy children running around. They’re quite outspoken so be prepared for chocolates to be demanded.

But, they’re so cute that you’ll probably give in and buy them toffees no matter what. This purchase is definitely worth it once you start playing with them.

An extremely important warning is that consumption of alcohol is not tolerated whatsoever. Travelers who are caught with this act can even be thrown out of the village. 

Don’t worry, though. You can indulge in another kind of substance: magic honey. Yes, you read it right. This is part of the cuisine of Grahan.

The villagers barely have enough for themselves so make sure you grab it if you can. It’s extremely high in sugar content and just a little bit will give you a sugar rush in no time.

Some interesting facts about Grahan are that there are no ATMs or mobile networks available. However, a heart-warming welcome is guaranteed. For accommodation, you can stay in a homestay or guesthouse depending on your preferences.

The homestays are basically wooden houses that are extended with an additional floor or are converted into guest houses. The family hosting you usually prepares organic food.

The rooms are comfortable and cozy as well. The unconditional hospitality is a cherry on top after all of this.

Tourists can definitely get a sense of the lovely culture of Grahan through this.

The reasons you need to check out Grahan in 2020 are far more than many. But, if you still have doubts then let us clear them up while you are on the Grahan trip with JustWravel.

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