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Sainj Valley, Himachal Pradesh
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In an ambience of tranquillity, with lush green fields, old-fashioned cottages, and birds twittering, lies the picturesque Sainj Valley. This is the least one can say for this alluring lowland. The Sainj valley lies alongside the Tirthan Valley, and lately, these twin valleys of Seraj have been attracting the attention of wanderers, hikers and trekkers. 

Located near India's Great Himalayan National Park, which has been carved out in high over an area of 754.6 sq km, the valley has started wooing tourists with the most beautiful sights in the world. The park was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2014.

The average annual temperature in Sainj is 20.6 °C with an annual rainfall of about 1,387 mm. Since the Sainj valley mostly remains cool and drizzly, you must check the weather forecast before planning a trip to this place. Good for travellers, the months of April and May are rainless for Sainj Valley, but to enjoy the snow-capped mountain peaks, January and February can be the best time for snow lovers. If you can bear downpours and chilly breezes, July to September in Sainj Valley is a good time to go.

The Sainj Valley of Himachal is a hidden treasure that can be found in the Kullu Valley, just 45 kilometres away. In the lap of the Himalayas, the quiet hideaway is literally a heavenly valley of dwellings. The Sainj Valley offers a once-in-a-lifetime peaceful and breathtaking experience. Every traveller who visits Tirthan must come once to this serene gorge.

In Sainj, Dehuri and Nahi are two breathtaking locations that are easily accessible by road. When visiting Shangarh, these locations are must-stops for any excursionist. Here you can see the vast grasslands surrounded by lush green cedars, with a temple situated in the centre. There is also a small lake on the roadside from Dehuri. 

A little farther away is Shangarh, a pleasurable environment for a lull vacation and absolute togetherness with nature. With a comfortable forest vacation house situated in this part of Sainj Valley, the magnificent view of the surrounding peaks can be taken after wayfaring 4 kilometres into an earthly miracle in the dense green pine forest. Despite the remoteness of this hidden land, it is embraced by travel-loving explorers and hikers. The place of Shangarh is also known as the Mini Gulmarg, which is a base point for trekking.  

Shainsher or Shenshar, is a place in the Sainj valley that is famous for its five-story ancient temple. The pagoda-time temple has an amazing backstory behind its establishment. The temple is surprisingly built around an age-old Deodar (Cedar) tree. Set at the Neuli Base Point, to be reached by bus, the place also glorifies a primitive fort at Taliara which was built by Thakurs in the 7th Century. From Sainj Neuli, one can further trek to Raktisar to witness an impressive view of glaciers with colourful layers.

There is also Panihar in Sainj, which is traversable from Thatibir by bus. The scenic place of  Panihar is popular for a lounge owned by the Himachal Pradesh Forest Department. The place is quite sought after by tourists and offers a vivid panoramic view.

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