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Mayali Pass Trek

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  • Altitude: 17490 Ft.
  • Trek Length: 90 Km.
  • Duration: 11 Days
  • Difficulty Level: Challenging
  • Base Camp: Ghuttu
  • Nearest Town: Ghansali
  • Pick & Drop: Dehradun to Dehradun
  • State: Uttarakhand


Mayali Pass Trek is one of the hidden gems of Himalayan treks and its a rarest trek not more people know about it and that's what makes it untouched and more beautiful. It used to be the preferred trail for pilgrims traveling from Gangotri to Kedarkantha. 

At an altitude of 5,300m, the Mayali Pass lies behind Kedarnath. This town has gained importance due to the Kedarnath Temple. It’s also one of the four Chota Char Dham sites. 

It is an offbeat trek and is considered to be quite challenging. There are several highlights in this trek to offset that, however. 

An interesting fact about the Mayali Pass Trek is that it’s close to not one, but two holy lakes. The lakes - Masar Tal and Vasuki Tal - are a great delight for those who are in search of peace. 

The Mayali Pass trek is a quite rare one as not many people know about it. It’s hidden in a remote region of the Himalayas that’s isolated.

Due to this, it takes you through an array of villages that are remote in the Himalayas and offer several experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. 

The itinerary for Mayali Pass Trek includes heading towards Gangi, the last village on the beautiful trail. The lifestyle and clothing of the people living there are quite different from ours.

They wear big ornaments, traditional dresses and their houses have small entry gates and are made of wood. The culture of Mayali Pass is clearly shown here as the traditions are very rich in the Garwhali lifestyle.

The forests are the home of bears as they are quite dense. You’ll also get to pass by Bhilangana River. This river is the Bhagirathi River’s major tributary and water is collected here.

On the first day of the trek, a vehicle from Dehradun will be arranged to reach Guttu. Guttu is a small but beautiful village. Reaching this place will take up to 8 or 9 hours. 

Some famous places to visit on the Mayali Pass trek are the Thalay Sagar peak and the Khatling glacier. These two sights will leave you speechless. 

Not many travellers have come here and there is calmness in the environment. If you want an untouched place where you can enjoy its beauty, then the Mayali Pass trek is perfect for you.

The best time to visit the Mayali Pass is in the months of May-June and September. You’ll get to be taken through descents and ascents, glaciers, rocky terrains, narrow trails, and much more. 

Additionally, there are breathtaking views on the side of Gangotri glacier and its peaks.

The reasons you need to check the Mayali Pass Trek are far more than many. But, if you still have doubts then let us clear them up while you are on the Mayali Pass Trek with JustWravel.

In Mayali Pass Trek one can encounter the remote Indian villages of Gangi, forests, Masar Taal , Sahastra Taal, Kush kalian plateau, views of the peaks on the southern side of the Gangotri glacier, Bhilangna river Catchment, Thalay Sagar peak, Khatling glacier. 

Short Itinerary

1st Day: Dehradun to Ghuttu (226 km) (8/9 hours) (1578 m)

2nd Day: Ghuttu to Reeh (10 km) (4/5 hours) (2500 m)

3rd Day: Reeh to Gangi (12 km) (4/5 hours) (3100 m)

4th Day: Gangi to Kharsoli via Kalayani (15 km) (6/7 hours) (3645 m)

5th Day: Kharsoli to Chowki via Tambakund (10 km) (4/5 hours) (3978 m)

6th Day: Chowki to Masar Tal (8 km) (3/4 hours) (4139 m)

7th Day: Acclimatization Day

8th Day: Masar Tal to Vasuki Tal (via Mayali pass 5300 m) (12 km) (5/6 hours)

9th Day: Vasuki Tal to Kedarnath (6 km) (3/4 hours)

10th Day: Kedarnath to Gauri kund (14 km) (4/5 hours)

11th Day: : Gauri kund to Dehradun (8/9 hours)

Itinerary (Dehradun to Dehradun)

  • 1

    1st Day : Dehradun to Ghuttu (226 km) (8/9 hours) (1578 m)

    We will start our journey from Dehradun ISBT vehicle will be arranged till Ghuttu, it is a mini village on the bank of Bhilangana River which is the major tributary of the Bhagirathi River and the stream source of River Ganga. This beautiful village is at an elevation of 1578 m. Reaching Ghuttu will take maximum 8 to 9 hours and we will arrange your stay in tents.

  • 2

    2nd Day : Ghuttu to Reeh (10 km) (4/5 hours) (2500 m)

    The climb to Reeh is not steep but our body takes some time to get acclimatized to trekking. The first two hours trek is on the well-maintained road, which is maintained by the villagers. When this road ends enter into a dense forests and trek through it till you reach Reeh.

    Reach your campsite Reeh which is a small village with few populations in the middle of beautiful surroundings, pitch your tents here, have salubrious food and retire for the night.

  • 3

    3rd Day : Reeh to Gangi (12 km) (4/5 hours) (3100 m)

    Today your destination is Gangi which is the last village on this trail, the distance is 12 km. Start heading towards this prestigious village, and the climb is steep you will come across shepherd huts on the way and there is a beautiful temple of Bhawani Mata which is worshiped by the villagers.

    It is the last place where you will find civilization, the lifestyle of people living there is very different from ours, they wear pretty traditional dresses and big ornaments, the houses are made of wood with small entry gates. These remote villages are very rich in culture and their traditions, get the glimpse of Garhwali culture in Gangi village. Setup your tents here and retire for the night.

    In middle of the journey have your food, packed lunch will be provided. Trek through vast meadows which are present on valley top and from there magnificent views of Panwali Kantha and South Ghuttu are visible. Continue trekking cross the ridge top and reach Gangi in next two hours.

  • 4

    4th Day : Gangi to Kharsoli via Kalayani (15 km) (6/7 hours) (3645 m)

    Have your breakfast and bid goodbye to this last village and head towards Kharsoli, the trek is through some landslide prone areas but you will visit this place in post monsoon so there is no risk of any landslide. Further is a ground named “Kalyani” to reach there you need to complete a short ascend.

    This plane ground is between the mountains with boulders around and there is embankment on the other side. You can also visit the lakes on the way i.e. Bhimtal and Sahasratal. Kalyani can be a great camping spot but move further to Kharsoli according to the itinerary, it is 10 km away from this picturesque ground.

    Kharsoli is at the confluence of Bhilan Ganga, setup your camps at the beautiful meadow, have your delicious healthy food then enjoy comfortable stay in tents.

  • 5

    5th Day : Kharsoli to Chowki via Tambakund (10 km) (4/5 hours) (3978 m)

    Leave the meadows of Kharsoli and start your trek, the other part or after the halfway trek the tree line declines and you enter into the blooming meadows. A river is followed by the trail ahead is a waterfall which is on the other side of this beguiling valley which is close to Tambakund. This kund is near to Khatling glacier and Chowki.

    Start the climb on other side of valley (Chowki) as you ascend the views get clearer and beautiful Mt. Thalay Sagar can be seen from a distance now, the climb is short and from Tambakund you can reach Chowki in 1 hour. Cross the River Bhilan Ganga with help of your guide and reach your campsite.

    Set your camps here and witness the sunset Mt. Thalay Sagar it looks beautiful at the time of dusk, spend your night here relax in tents.

  • 6

    6th Day : Chowki to Masar Tal (8 km) (3/4 hours) (4139 m)

    Explore the valley today and start ascending, the trail is exhilarating till the Khatling glacier which is 7 km away. Then the trail is along the bank of river. You can see many glacier hanging with the Khatling glaciers (Ratangian, Jogin and Phating). Today you are going to gain altitude and as you go higher the lush green Chowki grasslands are visible.

    There are numerous trails made by shepherds which leads to Masar Tal, there are boulders all around. The sights while trekking are a pleasure, cross the higher areas of this glacier and ahead is a pass named Auden Col which is at an elevation of 5,400 m.

    Trek ahead and reach this unique isolated Lake Masar Tal (4950 m) this lake remains glaciated till middle of the June. The temperature of this place is low and gets cold during the time of day and night, be ready for the chilly weather of this place. The fetching beauty of this place differentiates it from others.

    Masar Tal, you are going to camp in serenity at this place today in one of the isolated regions of Himalayas around this holy lake, the weather gets cold in night so have your dinner early and relax in tents.

  • 7

    7th Day : Acclimatization Day

    Today is the Acclimatization Day, rest for today and let your body adapt changes according to the environment.

  • 8

    8th Day : Masar Tal to Vasuki Tal (via Mayali pass 5300 m) (12 km) (5/6 hours)

    Leave early today, it is the main and toughest day of your trek. The trails are thrilling and full of adventures, be ready for overcoming all the challenges. From Masar Tal head towards Masar Top and you can reach there in approximately 1 hour. Ascend is steep and tough over the boulders, they can be slippery because of the icy surface so you have to be very careful.

    When you reach Masar Top the sight of valley from there is spellbinding and below the Masar Tal and grasslands of Chowki are visible. Witness the snow-covered mountains and the view of Kedar Dome and a glacier but it cannot be spotted easily.

    Trek through landslide prone areas, traverse the hill and it is very difficult to find the way here so you need an experienced trekking guide and proper trekking gears. Further you will come across glaciers with snow all over, have fun while crossing the snow meadow, it can take one hour to cross this section. Now, the steep erect climb starts to Mayali Pass, you may need ropes to traverse this area.

    Reach Mayali Pass and stand there looking at the magnificent mountain peaks of Mt. Thalay Sagar, Kedardome and Bhartekuntha. Spend time here, celebrate the climb to summit (5,400 m) and then descend, descending is steep and it takes time, first cross the snow area and then boulder zone, it’s a long trek which is knee breaking but the joy of completing the summit will overshadow all the pain.

    After two hours of hard descend you will reach Vasuki Tal. It is said that Lord Vishnu took bath in this Lake and it is named “Vasuki Tal” because it resembles snake Vasuki of Lord Shiva which made it sacred. The sight of Chaturangi glacier is beguiling from here, setup your tents at this camping ground, have healthy food there and sleep early in tents as it will be an exhausting day.

  • 9

    9th Day : Vasuki Tal to Kedarnath (6 km) (3/4 hours)

    Day 8th was tiring so today’s trek will start late in comparison to other days. Start your trek and start climbing, it is not an easy one and is the only ascend of today’s trek after that descend all the way. Kedarnath is visible after the climb and Mandakini River which is present at Kedarnath now you are at the side of this River.

    Continue descending and below Kedarnath will be visible which you can reach in another 75 minutes. Reach this beautiful place, shrine of Lord Shiva. Hotel and food will be arranged for you at Kedarnath.

  • 10

    10th Day : Kedarnath to Gauri kund (14 km) (4/5 hours)

    Today is the last day of trekking, start your trek early. The path is wide and distance of Gauri Kund is 14 km which you have to cover. There is a Rambara village, pass through this area and further is Gaurikund.

    Gauri Kund is a hot water spring and it is believed that Goddess Gauri wife of Lord Shiva, she lived here to get the love of Lord Shiva and he finally admitted his love here. So this Kund is considered pure and devotees bath in the holy water of this Kund. Overnight stay in a hotel near Gauri Kund.

  • 11

    11th Day : : Gauri kund to Dehradun (8/9 hours)

    Enjoy waking up in the holy places with serene environment and get ready for Departure.


Accommodation: Stay is included from day 1 to Day 11 – you will be staying at hotel and camps on all days of trekking.

Transportation: To and from the base location.

Meals: All Meals from day 1 dinner to day 11 breakfast are included. We provide simple nutritious vegetarian food on all days of the trek.

Camping Charges: All trekking permits and forest camping charges are included.

Trek Leader and Local Guide.

Trekking Equipment: you will be staying in high quality tents and sleeping bags in all the camps. We provide high altitude sleeping bags which can stand temperatures as low as – 10 Deg c. We also provide ropes, micro spikes, gaiters etc. As required.

Safety Equipment: First aid, medical kit, oxygen cylinders, Stretchers etc. will be available at all campsites to deal with emergencies. 


Food during transit to and from the base camp.

Backpack offloading charges.

Personal expenses of any kind.

Anything apart from Inclusions.

Cancellation Policy

No cancellations will be taken over call or whatsapp msg. Please reply to the email of payment receipt that you have received at the time of booking.

 Free Cancellation upto 45 days before the departure date

 44 Days to 30 days of Departure date. 10% of total Trip cost along with the booking amount will be charged as cancellation fee.

 29 Days to 20 Days of Departure date. 25% of the total trip cost along with the booking amount will be charged as a cancellation fee.

 19 Days to 10 Days of Departure date. 50% of the total trip cost along with the booking amount will be charged as a cancellation fee.

 10 Days to 6 Days of Departure date. 75% of the total trip cost will be charged as cancellation fee.

 6 Days to Trip Departure date. 100% of the total trip cost will be charged as a cancellation fee.

 No Show . No refund.

Incase of government orders, harsh weather conditions , protests , landslides or any other unforseen circumstances , we work out the best possible alternate plans or trips/treks. At times even even certain activities are cancelled , the organization provides the best alternate but no refunds are provided.

 If a trek is called off at the last moment due to a natural calamity/unforeseen circumstances (like rain, snowfall, earthquake, landslides, strike, bandh etc.), JustWravel will issue a trek voucher for the full amount and if possible will provide an alternate trek. The voucher can be redeemed upto same amount for the same trek or another trek in the next 365 days from the trek departure date.

 If a trek or trip cannot be completed due to natural calamity/unforeseen circumstances (like rain, snowfall, earthquake, landslides, strike, bandh etc.). No refund would be provided.

 Any extra expense coming due to any natural calamity/unforeseen circumstances (like rain, snowfall, earthquake, landslides, strike, bandh etc.), Will be beared by customer. Company will not be liable.

 Cancellations policy will differ during the peak season and popular places.

Things To Pack

Down Jacket (Main jacket)

Raincoat/ Poncho

Inner Layer

Tshirt or Fleece

Track Pant

Extra pair of Socks

Woolen Cap

Rucksack (At least 40L)

Mufflers/ Neck Warmer

Extra pair of Clothes



Power Bank

Sunscreen Lotion



Water Bottle

Tissue Roll

Hand Sanitizer

Personal Toiletries


First Aid Kit

*Add extra thermal layers and sweater during the winter season

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