Anyone who loves traveling simply cannot miss out on a Ladakh Tour and pass up the opportunity to delve deeper into the rich history and vibrant culture of Ladakh. Most novices think that Ladakh consists entirely of dusty trails and barren mountains but those who have seen the beauty of “The Land of High Passes” know that it deserves all the praise.

The essence of Buddhist culture that is speckled throughout the vast landscape of Ladakh is one of the many reasons why it attracts so many wandering travelers, not just from the country but all over the world. The moonlit valleys, alpine slopes, wicked trails and mighty rivers make Ladakh a perfect blend of calm and chaos, providing a little bit of something for everyone. Whether an individual is seeking the thrill of driving on high motorable passes or trying to attain a peaceful mind by learning the messages of Buddha in a monastery, Ladakh has it all and in this 5 nights 6 days Leh - Ladakh tour package, we make sure that you experience Ladakh in all its glory.

Many people overlook the crucial fact that traveling to high altitude can cause discomfort which is why it’s necessary to give your body time to get acclimatized to high altitude and harsh cold winds by spending a day in Leh. It’s also important to notice that AMS and other health related risks can easily be avoided if one stays hydrated and gives their body time to adjust to their surroundings. In this Ladakh tour itinerary, we have carefully curated it after keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of our travelers which is why we start this fixed departure tour for Ladakh with a buffer day.

The buffer day gives you ample opportunity to get familiar with your surroundings with a Leh sightseeing tour. It even allows you to interact with the locals which is an insightful experience on its own. Spending a day in Leh opens a gateway for you to embrace the many sides of the culture and customs of Ladakh. A day in Leh also gives you a glimpse into the daily, simple lives of the locals who have hospitality warmer than their smiles. 

Leh bustles with the kind of zeal that is both comforting and thrilling. When you are spending a day here, you can even shop for souvenirs in the market. In that way, you’d be helping the local businesses and doing your part in making sure that the people who are so welcoming to travelers maintain their enthusiasm and hospitable nature. Another thing that you simply can’t miss out while you are in Leh is the local cuisine. We personally recommend our travelers to try the Gur Gur Cha  which is a type of butter tea that keeps you warm while the Momos that have traveled all the way from Tibet to the streets of Delhi will satisfy all your cravings.

Finally, after the day is spent indulging in a Leh sightseeing tour, the real Ladakh tour begins with Sangam being the first major attraction of Ladakh that we tick off of our bucket list. The union of Zanskar’s earthly green hued water with the crystal blue waves of Indus is a breathtaking sight to behold, one you will remember for a long time. The fascinating part about the confluence of these two rivers is that just like the season changes the color of leaves, the flow of these two rivers changes exactly like that. 

The mighty Zanskar River flows with rapid tides in summer while Indus remains calmer. The dynamic changes during winters, where Zanskar seemingly slows down, to a point where it even gets almost frozen and Indus flows relentlessly. If the situation permits, you can even indulge in some river rafting at Zanskar which is the highest winter rafting point in the entire world. 

The next stop on our sightseeing tour on this Leh Ladakh tour is Gurudwara Patthar Sahib. It is an incredibly revered place and the beliefs associated with this place of worship are of utmost importance. As the legend goes, this is the place where Guru Nanak Dev ji is believed to have conquered a demon. A boulder with the imprint of the body of Guru Nanak Dev and the footprint of the demon is on display in Gurdwara Patthar Sahib. The Gurudwara is maintained by the Indian Army and though photography is prohibited inside, there are no restrictions for people who want to pay their respects. That is one of the reasons why even in a place like Ladakh which is majorly known for Buddhism, devotees arrive and worship at the Gurudwara.

Our next popular attraction of Ladakh is the iconic Magnetic hill. It is believed that the hill defies gravity and forces your vehicle to travel uphill even if you’re driving in the opposite direction. However, it’s a brilliant optical illusion of nature that people love to talk about.

The Hall of Fame which is a memorial constructed by the Indian Army to honor the legacy of the Indian soldiers who lost their lives during the many wars that occurred post partition is our next stop in this Ladakh tour package. This is perhaps one of the most symbolic embodiments of courage and valor of the army when it comes to our country .The most fascinating as well as heartbreaking part of the museum is the wall named “The last post”. The wall has the last letter written by Captain Vijayant Thapar before his martyrdom preserved in the frame. Simply being in such close proximity to these mementos, surrounded by the war history, how our soldiers lived their lives and more importantly how they sacrificed it will surely leave you teary-eyed.  

Finally, the Shanti Stupa with it’s calming spiritual essence and pristine domed structure will set your mind at peace. The significance of the Stupa doesn’t end at it’s architectural design but expands to the rich history and culture it holds in its embrace. With ancient relics of Buddha and other notable emblems of Buddhist culture, it is also enshrined by the 14th Dalai Lama himself. The stunning landscape in the backdrop of the Stupa simply adds more charm to it. 

One of the best places in Ladakh is Nubra Valley with the kind of beauty that surpasses the expectations of people who visit Ladakh for the first time. In Tibetan, the name of Nubra is actually Dumra which means valley of flowers and the name perfectly suits the vast expanse of land that stretches like a blooming spring field. The best part about this mini road trip from Leh to Nubra is that you'll be traversing through  Khardung La pass which is one of the highest motorable passes in the world, with a staggering height of 18,379 ft. The pass is a gateway to the Shyok and Nubra valleys. Adventure enthusiasts from across the world come on this pass to experience the thrill of riding their bikes at high altitudes. You can also indulge in exciting activities like Double Hump Bactrian Camel safari, ATV rides and more. 

Our next destination is one of the reasons why Ladakh has gained so much popularity in the last few years.  The Pangong Lake, a name you might be familiar with if you are into pop culture, specifically Bollywood, is one of the best places in Ladakh. It is not only extremely beautiful with its pristine beauty but also makes you nostalgic with its relevance to movies like 3 idiots, Jab tak hai Jaan and Dil se. Apart from being a treat to the eyes, what makes the lake interesting is that it doesn't allow outflow to any other water bodies. 

En-route Pangong while on this Ladakh tour, we will make a stop to pay our respects at the Diskit Monastery which is the oldest and the largest monastery in Leh and is known for the 106 ft tall statue of Buddha that is perched on top of hill. The Monastery has its roots dating back to the 14th century with frescoes and paintings depicting ancient tales of Buddhist culture. 

After our day's excursion, we will set up camp with the Pangong Lake in the backdrop. A night with starry skies and soothing breeze would give you the peace of mind that you must be seeking after the daily humdrum of your life.

In a nutshell, this Ladakh tour package is a perfectly balanced fixed group tour that explores the hidden gems of Ladakh and satiates the travel bug inside of you.

Short Itinerary

1st Day: Arrival at Leh Airport | Acclimatization Day

2nd Day: Leh Sightseeing Day

3rd Day: Leh to Nubra Valley (160 Kilometers, 7 Hours)

4th Day: Nubra to Pangong (280 Kilometers, 7 Hours)

5th Day: Pangong to Leh (230 Kilometers, 5 Hours)

6th Day: Departure to Leh Airport | Tour Ends


5th Jul to 10th Jul Full {5th Jul (Tuesday) 09:00 AM to 10th Jul (Sunday) 09:00 AM}

9th Jul to 14th Jul Filling Fast {9th Jul (Saturday) 09:00 AM to 14th Jul (Thursday) 09:00 AM}

12th Jul to 17th Jul Filling Fast {12th Jul (Tuesday) 09:00 AM to 17th Jul (Sunday) 09:00 AM}

16th Jul to 21st Jul Filling Fast {16th Jul (Saturday) 09:00 AM to 21st Jul (Thursday) 09:00 AM}

19th Jul to 24th Jul Full {19th Jul (Tuesday) 09:00 AM to 24th Jul (Sunday) 09:00 AM}

23rd Jul to 28th Jul Full {23rd Jul (Saturday) 09:00 AM to 28th Jul (Thursday) 09:00 AM}

26th Jul to 31st Jul Full {26th Jul (Tuesday) 09:00 AM to 31st Jul (Sunday) 09:00 AM}

30th Jul to 4th Aug Open {30th Jul (Saturday) 09:00 AM to 4th Aug (Thursday) 09:00 AM}

2nd Aug to 7th Aug Open {2nd Aug (Tuesday) 09:00 AM to 7th Aug (Sunday) 09:00 AM}

6th Aug to 11th Aug Open {6th Aug (Saturday) 09:00 AM to 11th Aug (Thursday) 09:00 AM}

9th Aug to 14th Aug Open {9th Aug (Tuesday) 09:00 AM to 14th Aug (Sunday) 09:00 AM}

13th Aug to 18th Aug Open {13th Aug (Saturday) 09:00 AM to 18th Aug (Thursday) 09:00 AM}

16th Aug to 21st Aug Open {16th Aug (Tuesday) 09:00 AM to 21st Aug (Sunday) 09:00 AM}

20th Aug to 25th Aug Open {20th Aug (Saturday) 09:00 AM to 25th Aug (Thursday) 09:00 AM}

23rd Aug to 28th Aug Open {23rd Aug (Tuesday) 09:00 AM to 28th Aug (Sunday) 09:00 AM}

27th Aug to 1st Sep Open {27th Aug (Saturday) 09:00 AM to 1st Sep (Thursday) 09:00 AM}

30th Aug to 4th Sep Open {30th Aug (Tuesday) 09:00 AM to 4th Sep (Sunday) 09:00 AM}

3rd Sep to 8th Sep Open {3rd Sep (Saturday) 09:00 AM to 8th Sep (Thursday) 09:00 AM}

6th Sep to 11th Sep Open {6th Sep (Tuesday) 09:00 AM to 11th Sep (Sunday) 09:00 AM}

10th Sep to 15th Sep Open {10th Sep (Saturday) 09:00 AM to 15th Sep (Thursday) 09:00 AM}

13th Sep to 18th Sep Open {13th Sep (Tuesday) 09:00 AM to 18th Sep (Sunday) 09:00 AM}

17th Sep to 22nd Sep Open {17th Sep (Saturday) 09:00 AM to 22nd Sep (Thursday) 09:00 AM}

20th Sep to 25th Sep Open {20th Sep (Tuesday) 09:00 AM to 25th Sep (Sunday) 09:00 AM}

24th Sep to 29th Sep Open {24th Sep (Saturday) 09:00 AM to 29th Sep (Thursday) 09:00 AM}


Leh to Leh:

Tempo Traveller
Triple Occupancy 22500 20500 / Person
Dual Rider - 500 CC - With Fuel
Triple Occupancy 24000 23000 / Person
Dual Rider - Himalayan - With Fuel
Triple Occupancy 25000 24000 / Person
Solo Rider - 350 CC - With Fuel
Triple Occupancy 30000 28000 / Person
Solo Rider - 500 CC - With Fuel
Triple Occupancy 31000 30000 / Person
Solo Rider - Himalayan - With Fuel
Triple Occupancy 32000 31000 / Person

Itinerary (Leh to Leh)

  • 1

    1st Day : Arrival at Leh Airport | Acclimatization Day

    • The group will assemble at the airport. We'll meet the team captains and a small tour briefing session will be conducted.
    • We will check into our designated hotels. The rest of the day is at leisure.
    • Dinner will be served in the evening followed by an overnight stay in Leh.
  • 2

    2nd Day : Leh Sightseeing Day

    • After breakfast, we will head out for our local sightseeing tour.
    • Afterwards, we will spend some time at the sangam site in Leh region where the Zanskar river meets the Indus river to form a beautiful confluence.
    • We will also visit other tourist attractions such as Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, Magnetic hill which is an anti gravity hill as well as The Hall of Fame which is a war memorial maintained by the Indian Army.
    • The last stop on our sightseeing tour is the iconic Shanti Stupa known for it's beautiful white dome shape, statues and intricate carvings.
    • We will return to our Hotel where dinner will be served in the evening followed by overnight stay in Leh.
  • 3

    3rd Day : Leh to Nubra Valley (160 Kilometers, 7 Hours)

    • Post breakfast, we’ll head out for Nubra Valley.
    • En-route, we will make a pit stop at one of the Highest Motorable Road in the World, Khardung La. 
    • Upon reaching Nubra Valley, we’ll check into our campsite.
    • In the evening, travelers can indulge in a Double Hump Bactrian Camel safari, ATV rides and more. (on personal expense)
    • Post-check-in, Dinner will be served followed by overnight stay in Nubra Valley.
  • 4

    4th Day : Nubra to Pangong (280 Kilometers, 7 Hours)

    • Post breakfast, we will check out from our campsite and head towards Pangong Tso, the iconic lake that has gained popularity ever since featuring in the Bollywood blockbuster movie 3 Idiots.
    • En-route, we will visit the Diskit Monastery, popular for the the 100ft tall colorful statue of Buddha.
    • After paying our reverence at the monastery, we will resume our journey.
    • Upon reaching Pangong, we will check-in to our campsite where we will have dinner followed by an overnight stay.
  • 5

    5th Day : Pangong to Leh (230 Kilometers, 5 Hours)

    • After spending a night under the starry skies and waking up to the beautiful view of the Pangong lake, we will have breakfast early in the morning.
    • Traversing through Chang La Pass, which is one of the highest passes in the world, we will head back to Leh. 
    • En-route we will visit the Shey Palace which is popular for it's 12 meter tall gold gilded statue of Buddha. We will also pay our reverence at Thiksey Monastery, which is the largest Monastery in Central Ladakh.
    • Upon reaching Leh, we will check into our designated hotel where we will have dinner and spend the night.

    *Note: Visiting Shey Palace and Thiksey Monastery is subjected to time. 

  • 6

    6th Day : Departure to Leh Airport | Tour Ends

    • Post breakfast, we'll check out of our hotels.
    • The group will disband and go their separate ways, to their respective cities according to their own scheduled departure.
    • End of Tour.

    * Book your return flight for this day after consulting with your handler.

Trip Images


Pickup & Drop according to fixed timing.

Transportation: In Tempo Traveler from Leh to Leh.

Bike Rent & Fuel from Leh to Leh.

Riding Gears:  Knee guard, Elbow guard, Helmet.

*Note: Due to comfort and safety reasons, we recommend you all to carry your own helmets for the ride. The helmets which we provide are of standard size so there can be some discrepancies regarding the sizes.

Accommodations: On triple sharing basis as per the itinerary.

Meal Plan: 10 Meals (Breakfast+ Dinner, Starting from Day 1 Dinner till Day 6 Breakfast)

Trip Lead will be present at all times during the tour.

Driver Allowances & Night Charges

Backup Vehicle

Mechanical Support

Inner Line Permits

First Aid Kits

Oxygen Cylinders

Infrared Thermometer



5% GST

Early check-in at the hotel.

Any additional expenses such as of personal nature.

Additional accommodation/food costs incurred due to any delay travel.

Cost Of Any Spare Part Which Will Be Used Due To The Accidental Damage Incurred When The Motorbike Is In Rider’s Possession.

Cost Incurred To Transfer Or Tow The Motorbike In Case It Is Dropped On The Way.

Vehicle Servicing Or Maintenance Cost

Any lunch and other meals not mentioned in Package Inclusions.

Any Airfare / Rail fare other than what is mentioned in “Inclusions” or any type of transportation from Manali or Srinagar.

Parking and monument entry fees during sightseeing.

Additional Costs due to Flight Cancellations, Landslides, Roadblocks, and other natural calamities.

Vehicle servicing or maintenance cost and security deposit per motorbike of Rs. 10,000/-. As per the deposit policy (This is refundable at the end of the trip if there is no damage or spare parts used.)

Any other services not specified above in inclusions.

Cancellation Policy

No cancellations will be taken over phone calls or WhatsApp messages. Please reply to the email of the payment receipt that you have received at the time of booking regarding the cancellation.

 Free Cancellation up to 60 days before the departure date (Booking amount is non-refundable)

If you're canceling the trip and opting for a refund within 59 days to 45 days of the Departure Date then only 10% of the total trip cost (calculated after subtracting the booking amount) along with the booking amount (non-refundable) will be charged as a cancellation fee and remaining sum would be refunded.

If you're canceling the trip and opting for a refund within  44 Days to 30 Days of the Departure Date then only 25% of the total trip cost (calculated after subtracting the booking amount) along with the booking amount (non-refundable) will be charged as a cancellation fee and remaining sum would be refunded.

If you're canceling the trip and opting for a refund within 29 Days to 15 Days of the Departure Date then only 50% of the total trip cost (calculated after subtracting the booking amount) along with the booking amount (non-refundable) will be charged as a cancellation fee and remaining sum would be refunded.

If you're canceling the trip and opting for a refund within15 Days to 8 Days of the Departure Date then only 75% of the total trip cost (calculated after subtracting the booking amount) along with the booking amount (non-refundable) will be charged as a cancellation fee and remaining sum would be refunded.

If you're canceling the trip and opting for a refund within 7 Days from the Departure Date then 100% of the total trip cost (calculated after subtracting the booking amount) along with the booking amount (non-refundable) will be charged as a cancellation fee and remaining sum would be refunded.

You are not applicable for a refund if you fail to show up on the day of departure under the given timeline that has been provided to you beforehand. 

There would be no refund provided in case there occur some problems due to government orders, harsh weather conditions, protests, landslides, or any other unforeseen circumstances. On the occasion of any such happenings, we have a backup plan ready most of the time and we'll be moving onto that. There are times when we would have to cancel some activities mentioned in the itinerary but it's only due to the reason that we would be bound by a circumstance that is not in our control.

 If a trek is called off at the last moment due to a natural calamity/unforeseen circumstances (like rain, snowfall, earthquake, landslides, strike, bandh, etc.) then the participants would be provided with a travel voucher for the same amount that can be used within 365 days of the issuance date for any package worth the same amount.

If a trek/trip has to be aborted midway due to a natural calamity/unforeseen circumstances (like rain, snowfall, earthquake, landslides, strike, bandh, etc.). In that case, no refund would be provided.

 JustWravel will not bear any extra expense due to any natural calamity/unforeseen circumstances (like rain, snowfall, earthquake, landslides, strike, bandh, etc.).

Cancellations policy differs for popular destinations and also during peak season, kindly confirm with your operator once.

Things To Pack

Down Jacket /Main Jacket

Thermals (Upper & Lower)






Running Shoes/ Outdoor Shoes



Medicines (Diamox – to reduce chances of AMS)

First Aid Kit

Documents – ID (Driver’s License, AADHAR Card, Voter ID :: Passport and Visa copy for Foreign Nationals)

Sun Glasses


Water Bottle

Power bank

Mobile Charger / Travel Charger


Hand Sanitizer


Cold Cream

Lip Guard

Sunscreen Lotion

Things To Know

There are a few things that you should be aware of when planning a Ladakh Tour: 


There are two routes. The Srinagar Leh route gives you the opportunity for a one-of-a-kind adventurous road trip to Ladakh. Stretching up to a distance of 434KMS, the route offers you a glimpse at the pristine beauty of Kashmir while giving you the chance to drive on some of the highest mountain passes of Ladakh.

The road conditions on the Srinagar Leh route are as follows: 
Sonamarg to Zojila Pass: The roads are moderately good for driving.
Zojila Pass to Kargil: Fairly good conditions with a few bumps along the way. 
Kargil to Leh: The roads are paved smoothly making it easy to drive.

The other route is the Manali Leh route which offers the ultimate road trip experience to all the adventure enthusiasts. Stretching up to a distance of 474 KMS, the route offers the thrill of riding on jagged roads with the majestic view of the Himalayas in the backdrop. 

The road conditions on the Manali Leh route are as follows: 
Manali to Sissu via Atal Tunnel: The roads are fairly good for driving.
Sissu to Baralachala Pass: Not as good as before but still extremely easy to drive upon. 
Sarchu to Moore Plains: The dirt tracks will make your ride bumpy.
Moore Plains to Leh: The roads are paved smoothly making it easy to drive.


Only postpaid sims work in Ladakh. A BSNL postpaid connection would be perfect for your Ladakh tour. However, you can also buy a SIM in Leh itself by showing your passport or voter ID card. Note that the SIM would only work in Ladakh.


It is important to make sure that you always have a reliable platform when it comes to navigating directions. Make sure you download Offline Maps before going to Ladakh so you never lose your way. 

Buffer day: 

Make sure you add a buffer day in your itinerary to help acclimatize your body to the change in altitude and weather to avoid symptoms of AMS when you plan your Ladakh tour. 


Not many people know this but the chances of you getting dizzy and nauseous are the highest when you’re traversing through any of the high passes. Make sure you cover your ears when you come across a mountain pass to avoid any discomfort when on a Ladakh tour. 


Every traveler has to carry a negative RTPCR report with them. The report shouldn’t be older than 72 hours. In case, you’re not carrying your test reports then you’ll have to take the test as mandated by the authorities. However, this rule doesn’t apply to double-vaccinated individuals who just have to procure their vaccination certificate when necessary. 


Ladakh is one of the safest places in India specially for women. The cultural belief in equality between men and women is extremely predominant in the region. The locals are simple people who lead their lives and the crime rates are extremely low as well. The local police is always patrolling ensuring that the roads are safe. You can be assured of your safety and can even rely on locals in case of emergencies.


You can reach Ladakh via road or by flight. 

When it comes to flights, you can land at Leh Airport as it is connected to major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, and Srinagar, through direct and connecting flights. 

When it comes to roads there are two routes. One is from Manali and the other is via Srinagar. If you're traveling via Manali, you'll need to cover a distance of 474 km while the Srinagar route is shorter in comparison with a stretch of 434 km of road.  


Nestled at an elevation of almost 11,500 ft Ladakh is a high-altitude region and if you're traveling from the plains, then you will start to face some difficulty. You might get hit by a wave of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) where your symptoms would include headache, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, breathlessness, and more. It is important to keep drinking water and give your body at least a day so that it can get acclimatized properly.  


Every person is different and their body responds differently as well. However, for precautionary measures, one needs to spend at least 24-48 hours at rest in Leh to get acclimatized properly. 


Even though Ladakh is an offbeat location, you'll find plenty of hotels, homestays here especially in Leh. When it comes to our Ladakh tour, we provide hotel accomodations in Leh. When it comes to Nubra Valley and Pangong Tso, we stay in camps to make the most out of our experience. 


Many people assume that since Ladakh has scarce vegitation, it's okay to pack only a few tshirts. Although, they're comfortable to wear during daytime, the weather gets chilly after the sun sets. You'd require a fleece jacket and pull over. It is crucial that you have at least three layers of clothing. Packinga a few woolen clothes doesn't hurt as well. Since rain are frequent in the mountains, you should carry a raincot or a poncho as well. 


There are many regions in Ladakh where you won't find ATMS. Network is poor as well and hence you can't rely on online payments either which is wh it's always a good idea to carry cash. You'll find ATMS in Leh as well as Kargil too. 


A handful of restaurants and hotels take credit cards but you'll have to pay the service tax along with it. 


Ladakh is extremely vast and brims with a rich culture in every corner. For that reason alone, it is required that you take your time to explore the land. 

If you are planning a Leh Ladakh bike trip from Manali or Srinagar then you'll need about 10-12 days. If flying directly to Leh, a minimum of 6 days will be required.  Rest depends on the number of days that you can afford to spend traveling. 



Yes, it is advisable as Ladakh is situated at a higher altitude. If you've any kind of medical history or even if you're physically fit, you should get a full-body check-up done by your doctor and proceed with their advice only.  


In the wake of covid restrictions, you need to carry a Double vaccination certificate or a mandatory RT_PCR negative report that shouldn't be older than 72 hours. 

Other Documents required are Identity Proof ( Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving License, etc) and in case, you're traveling via your vehicle, then you need to carry all your vehicular documents as well. For Foreigners, a Passport with Visa and OCI Card is necessary.

There are certain Inner Line permits / Protected Area Permits that you need to acquire when traversing through these regions: 

  • Khardungla
  • Nubra Valley
  • Shyok
  • Changla Pass
  • Pangong Tso
  • Turtuk
  • Tang Tse
  • Chumthang Valley
  • Tso Moriri
  • Dha Hanu Valley
  • Batalik

Permits are delivered via Deputy Commissioner (DC) Office in Leh, open from Monday to Saturday (10 AM - 4 PM). These permits are valid for 3 weeks for Indian Nationals and 15 days for Foreign Tourists.


BSNL works best in Ladakh. Airtel gets decent coverage in Leh and so does Jio. 


The best time to do a Ladakh tour is from June onwards. The reason for that is because all the motorable passes that get closed due to heavy snowfall open by then. 


Ladakh is famous for its motorable mountain passes and monasteries. In this Ladakh tour, we make sure to visit some of the major attractions of Ladakh which include Sangam, which is the confluence of Zanskar and Indus rivers. In our Leh sightseeing tour, we also visit Gurudwara Patthar Sahib which is a sacred place for worship for people of all religions including Buddhism in Leh, Magnetic hill, which is a gravity defying phenomena that is extremely popular among travelers as well as the Hall of Fame, a museum dedicated to the martyrs of Indian Army. 

We also visit the architectural marvel that is Shanti Stupa and indulge in adventure activities like ATV rides and double hump camel safari in Nubra Valley.

Last but not least we visit Pangong Tso, the pristine lake that got popular after being featured in 3 Idiots. En-route Pangong, we visit Diskit Monastery which is popular for the 100ft tall statue of Buddha. 


As you travel to higher altitudes, your body doesn't get enough oxygen which is the main cause of AMS. This can be easily avoided if one keeps drinking water and stays hydrated. Another thing to keep in mind when traveling to Ladakh is that you need to wear proper layers so that your body temperature is maintained. Eat carbohydrate-rich food to make sure that your body stays warm. Most importantly, make sure you cover your ears when traversing through the high passes as the chances of you getting hit by AMS, motion sickness, and the possibility of you getting pain or discomfort are extremely high on a pass. Cover your ears when you're ascending. 


A medical kit is of utmost importance when traveling to Ladakh. You should always carry the below mentioned things in your medical kit:

• Tablets for headaches, diarrhea, motion and altitude sickness
• Dettol
• Bandages
• Cotton
• Strepsils
• Pain relief spray
• Crepe bandage
• Any personal medication advised by the doctor


Ladakh is an adventurer's paradise. Even if you're not opting for a bike trip, there's plenty of things you can do. You can do rafting at world's highest rafting point at Sangam which is the confluence of Indus and Zanskar rivers. In Nubra, you can indulge in ATV rides, double hump Bactrian camel safari and more. However, these activities will be done on personal expense and aren't included in our Ladakh tour package. 


Double Occupancy means that you will be sharing your room with one more guest.  Triple Occupancy means you will be sharing your room with two more guests.


The time taken to acclimatize may vary from person to person. You are traveling to a height of around 3500 meters. In most cases, people abruptly feel the changes while some people will acclimatize easily. For some people, it can take the whole first day. But in case of flying in, we do recommend 1-day of complete rest in Leh.


We provide food on a MAPI basis. You will be provided with Breakfast and Dinner during the entire trip starting from the 1st property you stay in.


Swiss camps will be provided with proper bedding and quilts to keep you warm and protect you from the cold. The camps have running water and attached washrooms. 


Usually, electricity and hot water are available at all places (mornings and evenings) including Manali, Jispa, and Leh. In Pangong, Sarchu, Nubra & Tso Moriri we try to provide a hot water bucket because these are offbeat destinations, and survival on tapped solar energy is the only way to get resources. 


The camps you will be allotted are completely safe. They are handpicked vendors are our trusted property, we are working with our partner vendors for a long and we haven't received any such complaints. Leh Ladakh regions are much safer than our metropolitan cities. The property selected by us in Nubra and Pangong are registered vendors and we haven't faced any problems to date. 


Pets are not allowed in group departures. But you can go for a customized package to bring your pet with you. Some hotels in Ladakh provide food for pets. You can otherwise choose to carry your frozen food. Make sure you always carry your pet's vaccination records with you on all your trips. 



As we have mentioned about AMS in the above case, it can affect anyone irrespective of their age, gender, or physical fitness. It can happen to anyone of any age. So surely you can take your parents with you if they are physically fit to travel to such altitudes. They should consult a doctor before their journey. 


Yes, you can surely carry your Laptop on the Ladakh trip. But you will have to take care of your own belongings.

Note: The new generation laptops are manufactured by solid state drives, they will work fine. While in the case of old style laptops, Hard drive may suffer a crash or data loss at an altitude of 10,000 feet and above. 


There are several restaurant options available in Leh. Depending on the kind of food you want to eat. The authentic cuisine includes Chhurpi (Cheese made out of Yak Milk), Gur Gur Chai (Butter Tea), Mokhtuk, Thukpa, Tingmo, etc. 

If we were to recommend, we'd recommend the combo of Tea and Maggi at the world's highest Maggi Point en-route Khardung La Pass.

If you want to have a taste of the best Tibetan food, then you can go to The Tibetan Kitchen. 

Restaurants like Lamayuru, Andrew, Bon Appetit serve north Indian food for those who don't want to experiment and have the taste of food that reminds them of home. 

There are lots of cafe's that you can explore in Leh Market.

However, make sure to carry dry snacks when traveling to Nubra and further because you won't find many outlets there. 


Popular items that you can invest in when on a shopping spree in Leh include Pashmina shawls, stoles, and other Pashmina woolen garments. Handmade woolen socks, gloves, caps, and sweaters are a favorite of tourists in Ladakh. Authentic Tibetan handicrafts are also popular among those who like collecting souvenirs.

Apart from these, some things that won't regret getting in Leh are apricots, Thangka Paintings, Prayer wheels, Prayer flags, Magnets, and others.



Naveen Chandra Pandey
Naveen Chandra Pandey

Excellent tour organiser Mr Rohan and his team , especially tracking and road trip,

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