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Ladakh FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

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1: Do I need to arrange a group to join this trip?

Ans: No you don’t need to arrange a group. It’s a fixed group departure.  You will be joining an already created group, People from all over India will join us. You can join this group as a solo traveler or with your friends. 

2: Will there be any female trip lead during the trip?

Ans: Yes! A female trip lead will be leading you all over the journey for All girls group departure, Even for the mix-groups,sometimes we send both male and female trip leads.

3: What is the difference between double occupancy and triple occupancy ?

Ans: Double Occupancy: you will be sharing your room with one more guest 
Triple Occupancy : you will be sharing your room with two more guests

4: Will you provide Jain food? 

Ans: Yes we arrange Jain food as per the guest requirements with limited options, but make sure to inform the team at the time of booking.

5: Can I do adventure activities during the trip? 

Ans: Yes! You can do adventure activities on your own expense. We will be stopping at several locations , so you can avail activities there. 
Ex: Nubra Valley: Double Hump Camel ride, ATV ride. 

6: Does this price include airfare tickets ? 

Ans: No! Airfare tickets are not included in this package 
Basically we do not deal in airfare tickets but if the  guests want airfare tickets done by us we will help you out with the bookings. Cost will be as per actuals, but 5% GST will be additional on the cost.

7: What is AMS? 

Ans: Acute Mountain Sickness – 
Altitude sickness is a disorder caused by being at high altitude, where oxygen levels are low, without gradually getting used to the increase in altitude.
Symptoms: Symptoms tend to occur within hours after arrival at high altitude and include headache, nausea, shortness of breath and inability to exercise.

8: Will it be raining in Leh during June and July? 

Ans: Leh is situated at 3,500 meter. So there can be hailstorms but not much rain during these months. You can face rain enroute from Manali to Keylong.

9: Do you provide warm clothes during the trip? 

Ans: No! We do not provide clothing for the trip but we will give you a list of necessary clothes so you can pack your clothes accordingly. During your stay we do provide necessary beddings. 

10: From where I can rent warm clothes? 

Ans: There are several online stores which give you clothes on rent or we will suggest you some renting stores. You can also check this link https://www.justwravel.com/gears-on-rent and rent any gears if required.

11: We are three friends, can we stay together? 

Ans: Yes! You can choose triple sharing occupancy for that.

12: Is it very cold in Ladakh 

Ans: Yes you will experience cold weather in Leh Ladakh region. If you are travelling on a motorcycle, then it’s even colder. During Sarchu & Khardungla the air will get thinner here & you will start to feel cold. So it is advisable that you wear warmers inside because Ladakh during any season is extremely cold. Also, we will give you a list of clothes you will require during the trip. 2-3 warm layers are essential to carry.

13: How long does it take to get acclimatized in Ladakh. 

Ans: The time taken to acclimatize may vary from person to person. You are travelling to a height of around 3500 meters. In most of the cases people abruptly feel the changes all at some people will acclimatize easily and for some people it can take a whole first day. But in case of flying in we do recommend 1 day complete rest in Leh.

14: What are the documents that are required for this trip?

Ans: ID : Driving License, 
               AADHAR Card
               Voter ID 
              ( Passport and Visa copy for Foreign Nationals)

15: What is the meal plan during the trip? 

Ans: We provide food on a MAPI basis. You will be having Breakfast and Dinner during the entire trip. Starting from the 1st property you stay in.

16 meals in Total-  Starting from Day 2 Dinner, Day 3 Breakfast + Dinner, Day 4 Breakfast + Dinner, Day 5 Breakfast + Dinner, Day 6 Breakfast + Dinner, Day 7 Breakfast + Dinner, Day 8 Breakfast + Dinner, Day 9 Breakfast + Dinner, Day 10 Breakfast 

16: Alcohol/Smoking is allowed during the Trip? 

Ans: No! You are not allowed to consume alcohol during the tour. However, as we have a rest day in Leh , you can have some once you reach Leh (On your own expense) . Alcohol intake at such higher altitudes may prove fatal, if your body has not acclimated well with the altitude. It’s better to avoid alcohol if you are traveling from Delhi. 
Same goes for smoking as well, at higher altitudes it might be tragic.

17: All taxes are included in this rate? 

Ans: Yes 
-Toll Tax
– Parking
– Fuel charges and driver bata.
– All hotel taxes are included 
Only 5% GST is Excluded in this package. 

18: What is the Shopping place during the trip? 

Ans:  You can do shopping on your arrival in Manali and in the Moti Market of Leh, which is famous for gems, pearls, precious stones and jewelry.

19: Is Photography allowed during the trip.

Ans: Yes you can do photography. We will allow you required time for photography at every suitable stop. Instructions will be given by trip lead during the trip. 

20: Is there any time limit before which I shall come back to you with final confirmation?

Ans: Ladakh is one of our most sought after locations, which we market heavily. That’s the result of the batches getting packed very soon. Our suggestion to you is to get the seats blocked at the earliest. We have a fixed number of slots per batch, and we do not hold any seat till the advance amount is received so the sooner the better.

21: What is the mode of Payment?

Ans: You can transfer payment via these methods – Google Pay/NEFT/UPI/IMPS to our Bank accounts, shared with the document. You can also pay directly by Credit card/Debit Card/NetBanking from our website.

22: I’m a beginner, is it safe for me to go for this trip?

Ans: Yes, There will be more solo travellers in our group who are travelling for the first time. Also our tour lead and local team will support you during the trip. There are no treks involved, so being a beginner won’t be a problem.

23: The risk level of the Leh – Ladakh trip?

Ans: If you are going for any adventures trip it is obvious that some risks will be involved. So be highly cautious especially during Riding and Trekking. We take all the necessary precautions during the trip, our back up vehicle carries spare parts and oxygen cylinders if case of any requirements. We also have Doctors on Call in Manali and Leh.

24: What about the medical emergency during the trip ?

Ans: Our tour leader will be taking care of the group throughout the journey and they are certified wildlife first aid course and also the Tour leader always carries a first Aid kit and oxygen cylinder. In other medical emergencies, the trek leader will assist you.

25: Can I avail laundry facility in Ladakh?

Ans: Yes, you will be getting Laundry services in hotels in Leh on your own expenses. In all the other places it is not possible to arrange for laundry services.

26:What kind of bedding do we get while camping? 

Ans: Camp’s will be provided with proper bedding with beds and quilts to keep you warm and protect you from the cold, also the camps have running water washrooms and are hygienic.

27: Are there any ATMs in Leh?

Ans: ATMs can be found only at some places like Manali, Leh etc. furthermore cards are not accepted by petrol pumps, so it is recommended to carry some cash with you. 

28: What is the Local Cuisine of Ladakh ?

Ans: Some of the local cuisines of Ladakh are:

Vegetarian: Tsap Thuk , Thud, Sku, Thukpa, lotus root
Non-vegetarian: Tigmo, stew, Momos, Tabaq Naat, Tabaq Naat, Gushtaba

29: Is the drinking water safe here?

Ans: Although the water is pure and we can drink it directly, it is advisable to drink packaged drinking water like Bisleri, Aquafina, Kinley etc. Because it’s not everyone who has strong immunity and is able to digest local area water.

30: Will the driver be able to speak in English?

Ans : Yes, drivers can understand and speak English. Our tour leads can speak both Hindi and English, so you can easily communicate with them.

31: What is the Accommodation name which you are providing during the trip? 

Ans: Manali : Hotel Yak/ Similar
Jispa : Jispa Journey Camp / Similar
Leh: Hotel Lumbini/ Similar 
Nubra: Edelweiss Camp/ Similar
Pangong: Pangong Holiday Camp/ Similar 
Tso- Moriri: Tso- Moriri Inn /Similar

32: Can a person with Asthma visit Ladakh? 

Ans: People with asthma issues are in general, OK to travel to Ladakh. But in case of asthma you must consult your doctor before travelling to the high altitude region of Leh Ladakh. 

33: What network services are good in Ladakh? 

Ans: Only Postpaid sim work across Leh Ladak. In case of prepaid connection please note that your sim will be disabled once you enter the Zone. Below telephone operator will have good connectivity during the trip

34: What is the best time to visit Ladakh? 

Ans: The best time to visit Ladakh by road is from June to September as the Leh Manali Highway opens up via Rohtang Pass. mid-September to mid-October is an amazing time to visit Leh and Ladakh as the place is permeated in flamboyance through the Srinagar-Leh as well as Manali-Leh roads.

35: Do we need to carry fuel if we are travelling by our own bike? 

Ans: Petrol will be provided by us from Manali. From your departure city to Manali will be managed by guests.

36: What are the commonly spoken languages in Ladakh?

Ans: Ladakhi, Tibetan, Urdu and Balti are the official languages of Ladakh. However, Tibetan and Ladakhi are most common languages spoken by the locals

37: Where will you provide music & bonfire?

Ans: Yes bonfire & music will be done in Jispa. 

38: Can you please tell me about the availability of Hot water & electricity at all the locations?

Ans. Usually electricity and hot water are available at all places (mornings and evenings) including Manali, Jispa and Leh. In Pangong, Sarchu, Nubra & Tsomoriri we try to provide a hot water bucket because these are totally offbeat destinations and survive on tapped solar energy.

39: Safety regarding camping in Nubra and Pangong.

Ans. The camps you will be allotted is our trusted property, we are working with our partner vendors for long and we haven’t received any such complaints. Leh Ladakh regions are much safer than our metropolitan cities. The property selected by us in Nubra and Pangong are registered vendors and we haven’t faced any problem till date. 

40: Do I need to carry any hotel vouchers with me while traveling?

Ans. No, you don’t need to carry hotel vouchers. Our tour lead will be coordinating your stay at all the places.

41: The entire group stays at the same hotels at all places…right?

Ans : Yes, usually we provide stay in the same hotel but sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, it may happen that we have to divide the group & make them stay in 2 different accommodations for their comfort. Under such circumstances, the decision of the tour management shall be final for room allocation.

42: Can I take my pet or dog on a trip to Leh Ladakh? 

Ans: Pets are not allowed in group departures. But you can go for a customized  package to bring your pet with you. Some hotels in Ladakh provide food for pets. You can otherwise choose to carry your frozen food. Make sure you always carry your pets vaccination records with you on all your trips. 

43: Can I take my old age parents on a trip to Leh Ladakh?

Ans: As we have mentioned about AMS in above case, it can affect anyone irrespective of your age, gender or physical fitness. It can happen to anyone of any age. So surely you can take your parents with you if they are in healthy condition and they are physically fit to travel for such altitude. They should concern a doctor before the journey.

44: What things to carry on a Leh Ladakh trip? 

Ans: Check the below mentioned details and pack accordingly

Down Jacket /Main Jacket, Thermals (Upper & Lower), Clothes, Socks, Undergarments, Gloves, Slippers, Running Shoes/ Outdoor Shoes, Hats/Caps, Daypack, Medicines (Diamox – to reduce chances of AMS), First Aid Kit
Documents – ID (Driver’s License, AADHAR Card, Voter ID :: Passport and Visa copy for Foreign Nationals), Sun Glasses, Torch, Water Bottle, Power bank, Mobile Charger / Travel Charger, Raincoat, Hand Sanitizer, Toiletries, Cold Cream, Lip Guard & Sunscreen Lotion

45: Can I take my Laptop to Leh Ladakh?

Ans: Yes, you can surely carry your Laptop on the Ladakh trip. But you will take care of your own belongings.
Note: The new generation laptops are manufactured by solid state drives, they will work fine. While in the case of old style laptops, Hard drive may suffer a crash or data loss at an altitude of 10,000 feet and above. 

46: Is travel insurance included? 

Ans: Travel insurance is not included in the plan. We are planning to introduce travel insurance soon, but that will be additional to the package cost.. 

47: What kind of Volvo bus is provided from Delhi? 

Ans: Volvo are semi sleeper with reclining seats. Blankets and water bottles are also provided along with each seat booked.

48: What is a good time to visit Leh Ladakh?

Ans: The best time to visit Leh-Ladakh is in Summer which lasts from April till September and the pleasant weather in Leh-Ladakh is perfect for a memorable trip during these months.
 As you will be going on a road trip,which will start from June and will continue till August . The rest of the year, Leh- Manali highways remain closed because of snow and possible landslides 

49: What is the best bike for Ladakh trip? 

Ans: We prefer Royal Enfield 350 CC , Royal Enfield 500 CC and Himalayan. These bikes are good and easily cruise on highways as well as the rocky terrain of Ladakh. You should choose a bike with higher displacements which will put less weight on a motor and you can cover more distance. 

50: Can we get our currency converted at  Leh? 

Ans: Yes! You can convert currency at Leh. Our local team at Leh would be able to help you for currency conversion. But it is advisable to convert the currency at Delhi Airport on arrival. 

51: What are the options for restaurants and eateries in Leh Ladakh?

Ans: There are several restaurant options available in Leh. 
Some of the famous door point of Leh include 

For authentic Cuisine, 
travelers can go for Chhurpi (yak milk cheese),  Butter Tea, Mokthuk, and Sky (pasta dish).
 On a trip to Khardung La pass, one must try Maggi and Chai(Tea) at the world’s highest Maggi point.

For Tibetan Taste:
Explore the Tibetan Kitchen which serves delectable local cuisine (momos are highly recommended), Chopsticks Noodle Bar ( Famous for savory Chinese food )
Gesmo restaurant ( famous for breakfasts).

For North Indian Flavour:
Restaurants like Lamayuru Restaurant Andrew Bon Appetit serve north Indian food, 

If you like Cafe hopping and all then you can go to Barista, which was recently opened in Leh market, here you can just sit and relax your body and mind while sipping your coffee with the breathtaking views of the mountains.. It is highly recommended to try out the local cuisine during your Ladakh holidays.

52: How are the road conditions?

Ans: The road condition of Leh Ladakh has improved as compared to earlier situation. During your  Ladakh road trip, you will be travelling through 30% on road and 70% off roads.
You will also be passing through the 40 Km straight highway which is between Leh and Sarchu, famously known as the Moore plains
 Then onto Pangong and Nubra which is a mixture of both roads and off-road. Also, you will find sections of asphalt and areas with huge stones in the way. 

53: What permits are needed for a complete Ladakh trip?

Ans: Permits required are : 
Rohtang pass (you need to get permits from Manali itself)
Inner Line Permit, which is required for Nubra Valley,Pangong Lake and Tso Moriri Lake.

54: What is required to get permits?

Ans: You need one photocopy of your valid identity proof (DL / voter card / Aadhar / Passport) to secure these permits.

55: What are the best souvenirs to buy from Leh Market?

Ans: Popular items: Pashmina shawls, stoles and other Pashmina wool garments. Locally handmade woolen socks, gloves, caps and sweaters are a favorite of tourists in Ladakh, Tibetan handicraft also famous in tourist
Apart from these, some must buy things in Leh are apricots, thangkas, Pashminas, prayer wheels, prayer flags, magnets and others..

56: Will the driver be trained for Hill driving, he will be versed with Ladakhi Tongue.

Ans. Yes our drivers are Ladakhi locals and are well versed with driving in these hilly terrains. They are well experienced and carry legal driving licence They are fluent with Ladakhi tongue, & can help you to converse with the locals, as & when required.

57: Who will be my travel companions?

Ans: During our group departure, you’ll have the opportunity to meet, interact and travel with people from all over the globe. Majorly the age group of the travelers are from 21 – 35 years of age.

58: How many people will be on my tour?

Ans: For our and group’s convenience, we usually prefer 25 to 30 pax in one group. We always ensure the group size does not exceed 30 participants. Which is necessary to maintain our stringent safety and security standards and also allows better interaction within the participants.

59: Can I book for a group?

Ans: Yes, you can book for a group. There are plenty of corporate group tours who travelled with us. We ensure hassle free bookings for groups.
There are some great deals as well for a group size of more than 4 members. If you’re a group of five or more and want some privacy, we can book a customized tour for you. 

60: How much will it cost for a road trip to Leh Ladakh 

Ans: Total Package Cost: 
28,500 + 5% GST on Triple sharing 
29,500 + 5% GST on Double sharing 

61: How many minimum days are required to explore Ladakh?

Ans: Leh Ladakh trip is a life time experience which usually takes 11 days from Delhi. You need  first two days of acclimatization and minimum 9 days time to explore the region.

62: Do i need to arrange Permits for this trip? 

Ans: No you don’t need to arrange permits, all the permits will be arranged by us. That’s why we do advance booking. 

63: How fit or what age do I need to be?

Ans:  If you are physically fit and able to bear such altitude then there is no restriction to visit Leh Ladakh. Due to the remote area, medical facilities are limited in Leh Ladakh. We usually prefer 18 to 40 old age people. For the upper age group members can also join this trip if they are physically fit. They will have to submit a medical certificate for that. 
Also there will be bumpy roads, dust, delays and unfamiliar customs which could all create additional demands. Sometimes you may have to carry your own bags. So you need to be physically fit for that, that’s why we ask for a medical certificate for people above 40 years old. 

64: How much luggage can I take? 

Ans: Luggage should be lightweight so you can carry your luggage when it’s needed but bring all the necessary essentials. Leave some space in your luggage – for your shopping.

65: Do I need to get a visa for my trip? 

Ans: Yes, Visa is required for all foreigners travelling in India. It is advisable to get a Visa as far in advance – because sometimes it takes time in processing.

66: How about the bike’s condition ?

Ans: We provide the latest bike in good condition. Which are well maintained by LBR proof mechanics and also we provide new bikes in case of advanced booking.

67: How about security deposit for the bike trip?

Ans: Security deposit is necessary in case of bike tour and it is also refundable once the rental period is over. We require one of your valid ID proof and an amount of INR 10,000. 

68: Can we get a map from you?

Ans: Yes, during the bike tour you will get a map from us.

69: What things do you provide with a bike?

Ans: All the necessary accessories will be provided by us during the bike trip like Carrier, helmets, Gloves, Cans (for extra fuel ) etc on nominal charges and a supporting vehicle with mechanics will be traveling with you. 

70: It’s important to book before arrival?

Ans: Yes, due to the peak season there will be a huge crowd so it’s important to book in advance to get the bike of your choice  Moreover if you are planning for a complete package tour you must book it in advance as well for better accommodation and accessibility.

71: Where can I get my bikes booked ?

Ans: You will collect your bikes from our Rental Studio in Manali and you will change bikes from Leh.


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