Pushkar : A quaint town in Rajasthan

There is a running joke that “Indians cannot make a queue.” But all I could see in Delhi on 18th December’ 16 were queues outside ATMs long enough to run through entire breadth of certain smaller countries. Okay, there might be a bit of exaggeration in there but still, there was […]

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Things to pack for treks

Things to pack for Treks

How many times has this happened.  All planned up for the next trip and once we reach the destination and start unpacking we find a list of items missing. Normal trips things can be managed, but on treks sometimes the situation gets bad. Just helping out fellow wravelers with the […]

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10 Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

  After a grueling week in the hustle and bustle, heat and dust, noise and crowd of the busy city, it is natural for you to feel the need for a break. Fortunately, Kolkata has an interesting mix of offbeat destinations that can serve as ideal weekend getaways for your […]

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Experience the glory of music at Ziro Festival Arunachal Pradesh

  Ziro Festival of Arunachal Pradesh, India is one of the grandest outdoor music festivals of India. Back in 2012, Bobby Hano and Menwhopause guitarist Anup Kutty conceived the idea. The magnificence of the festival lasts for 4 days at Ziro Valley, 5500 feet above sea level. The picturesque view […]

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5 Beaches in India to be on everyone’s bucket list

    Surrounded by waters in three directions, the peninsular India stands to enrapture the imagination of nature enthusiasts. The following list of 5 beaches should be there on every Wravelers bucket list.   Bangaram Island, Lakshwadeep Islands   A turquoise-hued world of clear, warm seas and silver sand, the […]

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