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Travel Ambassador Program

Travel Ambassador Program

Hola Wravelers!

Travel excites you ? All you do is think about Travel, Right ? What if your travel becomes free? Sounds like a dream. Not anymore.

We bring to you our Travel Ambassador Program in which college/school students get an opportunity to utilize their skills and get on the job experience & exposure. You will work on live assignments and requirements , providing you with insights of the travel Industry

We are looking for wravelers who are just as excited about travel, planning, branding as we are. Who wish to understand the niti-grities of travel field and also promote the brand in his/her network. Traveling with groups is an add on , but that's not it. An individual who is energetic & enthusiastic enough to travel and meet like-minded people should be one of the qualities. An adventure seeker, well-connected & well-travelled individual who wants to be a part of #wravelerforlife community


Student Ambassadors will be responsible for driving awareness about JustWravel and its trips in and around campus.

Video Editing / Creation.

Blogging / Content Writing.


Social Media Marketing.

Trip Leading.

Having experience in the roles mentioned above will be an addon, however, it doesn't mean that experience is necessary.Everyone is free to apply to these roles.If you feel you are fit, Apply!!.

What Do Student Ambassadors Receive?

Invaluable experience in social media, event marketing, promotion and networking that makes your resume a unique one.

Monetary Incentives and travel goodies

Access to travel coupons, incentives, and exclusive brand opportunities.

Free trips as per our schedule, which can be redeemed from credits accumulated over time as per the work done.

Experience Certificate after completion of the Program

For any Query contact us at or call +91 92057 25727 | +91 95824 32437.

If you are interested, please fill this form.

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