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Holi Long Weekend Getaways

Holi, the celebrations of colors is standing right here, knocking on your door and you haven’t made any plans yet?

Then its time for you to hit the road and be out in the open, exploring the unknown. Making this year’s Holi celebration a little more open, larger in perspective and well! A completely different experience altogether.

Now, you can go out to Manali with someone you always wanted to or spend a night under the starry skylight, while resting beside a bonfire in Chandrashila.

And if you’re an adventure junky, head out to Bir Billing for its famous for one thing and that’s Paragliding. Who knows maybe your video end up being viral as well, while you’re on the fly?

Also, if you want to take this a little further, then we can celebrate Holi across Borders, in the land of Dragon, Bhutan as well.

Additionally, Holi is known as a festival that tells us to spread joy and the medium we usually use are sweets and colorful gulal.

Likewise, we are trying to create journeys and experiences, that convey the same message, which is spreading happiness. And the medium we use for our cause is traveling.

Choose from a wide variety of trips and treks listed below and join our Holi batches for we’re going to have a ton of fun while celebrating holi in 2020.

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